Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide

Our Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide shows all the criteria necessary to collect all 32 Blacksmith Designs in the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita & 3DS game. This essentially combines the Lego The Hobbit Red Brick Quest Items Locations Guide and Lego The Hobbit Mithril Design Schematics Locations Guide in one.

Goal: There are 32 Blacksmith Designs total to find in the Story Mode missions and Middle-earth overworld. Note: From the Mithril Items there are to build from these Blacksmith Designs, each object will cost a few Mithril Bricks to build / craft at the Blacksmith in Bree. You can follow our locations guide for those too, it’s all listed here…

The overview for all these in-game Blacksmith Designs locations is shown below.

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Lego The Hobbit Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide

Here’s how to find Blacksmith Designs in this guide for Lego The Hobbit.

Achievement / Trophy Hunting: Finding all 32 Blacksmith Designs locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Labouring in the villages of Men” (25 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy) — Collected all Schematics.

How to find missing Blacksmith Designs?: There are 32 total blacksmith designs. They look like envelopes sealed with red wax when you find them. 16 can be found in story missions (one per level). The other 16 come from the Middle-earth Overworld.

Note: Please note – these are the design locations. To have the item itself, you must go to the blacksmith in the town of Bree, select it from the list, and pay a certain number of mithril bricks to have them made. Many are only 3 or 4 but some can cost 12 or 16 each to forge. After paying for them, you must walk over and jump on the bellows three times to finish getting the item. All in all, I’d say you need around 150 total mithril bricks to make all items, though that is only my estimate.

Protip: Go and find the “Fetch Quest Finder” Red Brick first. It’ll make it a lot easier to find all the Fetch Quest sidequests around you wherever you are, a reward for these involving a Blacksmith will be a Blacksmith Design.
(In Lego The Lord of the Rings you could find this Red Brick in Middle-earth open world by finishing the blacksmith tutorial mission in Bree village, by walking up to the Prancing Pony inn and talking to the hobbit who wants a Mithril Item made. And as you probably guessed, you need a Blacksmith Design from that Fetch Quest to craft such Mithril Items.)

Hint: In the red brick quests you encounter in the overworld, the items those people ask for are the ones made from Blacksmith Designs, not the three common items found in each story mission.

Where to find all Blacksmith Designs in Lego The Hobbit? The in-game collectibles locations for the Blacksmith Designs are described in this detailed video guide with handy voice-over tips.

The Blacksmith Designs are listed in the video in the order you might find them in as you progress through the game. Take the following steps to unlock each one.

Next we’ll show you a Blacksmith Design names list for the overworld:

Timeline in minutes for the 16 overworld Blacksmith Designs Locations Guide:

• 00:03 to 00:53 – Mithril Stud Spade – Hobbiton
• 01:00 to 02:00 – Mithril Megapult – Bywater
• 02:05 to 03:10 – Mithril Mushroom Crown – Bree
• 03:24 to 06:10 – Mithril Shadow Blade – Weathertop
• 06:19 to 08:00 – Mithril Skull Cap – Trollshaws
• 08:06 to 08:30 – Mithril Beanstalk – Caradhras
• 08:40 to 10:27 – Mithril Slippers – Elven Forest
• 10:36 to 11:50 – Mithril Rhythm Stick – Rivendell
• 11:59 to 13:26 – Mithril Dance Boots – Rivendell
• 13:37 to 15:02 – Mithril Horse Shoes – Rivendell
• 15:11 to 15:37 – Mithril Catchphrase Mallet – The High Pass
• 15:45 to 17:39 – Mithril Candle Staff – Dol Guldur
• 17:49 to 20:07 – Mithril Construction Hat – Beorn’s Homestead
• 20:17 to 22:10 – Mithril Bandit Gloves – Lake-town
• 22:22 to 23:19 – Mithril Falcon – Erebor
• 23:28 to 25:19 – Mithril Snowapult – Erebor

There you go! All Blacksmith Designs in Lego The Hobbit are yours! 🙂

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