Lego The Hobbit Walkthrough

Level 16: Inside Information & Ending

Level 16 Intro: The company passed into the mountain through the secret door, their goal finally within reach. Matters were now left to their burglar to once again show his worth.

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 16 is: 100,000 studs.

The Ending:

Bonus Level: Stone Giants

How To Unlock: The Bonus Level becomes available after you have completed the 16 story levels of the game.

How To Enter: To enter the Bonus Level you must visit Erebor, also known as the Lonely Mountain, on your map and climb until you reach the Stone Giants flag to enter the level.

How To Play: Enjoy playing as a stone giant wreaking havoc on the land until you destroy enough to collect 1,000,000 studs within 5 minutes.

Note: Check back here mid-December 2014, because it has been confirmed the third Hobbit movie’s story levels will be added to this game in a download pack around that time. 😀
Warner Bros. has officially announced this by stating: “And if you want more, additional adventures will be available in the future for The Hobbit: There and Back Again!”

Thanks to Warner Bros. Games, Brian, Outsidexbox & Krone for the walkthrough videos.

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