Lego The Hobbit Walkthrough

Level 6: Over Hill and Under Hill

Level 6 Intro: Undeterred by the advice of the Elves and The White Council, the Dwarves continued their journey to the Lonely Mountain. Their travels took them over the High Pass, where the weather took a turn for the worse…

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 6 is: 80,000 studs.

Level 7: Goblin Town

While traversing the High Pass over The Misty Mountains, Thorin Oakenshield and his company of Dwarves accidentally set up camp on top of a secret entranceway in to Goblin Town. You’ll have to battle the Goblin King and then navigating the perilous gangways and boardwalks of Goblin Town in a frenzied escape!

Level 7 Intro: Drenched and exhausted, the company stumbled across the entrance to a large empty cave. It seemed luck has granted them an ideal place to wait out the storm. However, all was not as it seemed.

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 7 is: 135,000 studs.

Level 8: Out of the Frying Pan…

Level 8 Intro: As they trod through the forest, a sense of foreboding fell over the company… They were not alone. Had something followed them from the Goblin Kingdom? Or was it perhaps some other, even greater threat?

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 8 is: 40,000 studs.

Level 9: Queer Lodgings

Level 9 Intro: Continuing their journey, an ill feeling befell the company – that they were being watched, and this time not by Azog and his army of Warg riders. Seeking shelter for the night, Gandalf led the company to a nearby location he deemed safe. However, the resident of this place was far from accommodating.

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 9 is: 30,000 studs.

Level 10: Flies and Spiders

Level 10 Intro: The Elven gatest of Mirkwood stood before the party. Their journey would bring them through this corrupted and once great forest. Only a single path would carry them safely to the other side. They could not stray.

The “Master Burglar” stud requirement in Level 10 is: 85,000 studs.

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