Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cheats

Looking for Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney cheats on 3DS & 2DS? Here we’ll list Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Level-5 & Capcom’s new puzzle-adventure game.

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Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Cheats

Where To Find Missing Puzzles In Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright?

How To Find Missing Puzzles: The place where to go to find missing puzzles is to the ‘Great Archive’ Library in Labyrinthia, with Ridelle. Keep playing until you get there if you’re still early on in the game.

If the puzzle is not waiting at the Library for you to play directly, then that means it’s still out in the world waiting for you to find it, or it is not available yet. – To find puzzles in the world, explore the city map as it shows a handy list of how many puzzles and hint coins there are to find (and have already been found) in each area you visit!

Please Note: DLC episode puzzles are added (every other week) to the puzzle list in the main game, after the 70 main story puzzles. Which more importantly means that completing these on your first try with no hints gives you the differently-colored hat symbol on your save file that 100% no-hint players want, instead of the normal hat you risk getting for completing DLC puzzles with hints used. (I figured fans might want a heads up beforehand or risk ruining a perfect save file.)

How To Play Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright

In some chapters of the story you’ll investigate the city’s secrets (Layton’s forte), while in others you’ll dive into the witch trial (Phoenix’s forte), but throughout the story our heroes will come together to talk or work together!

Professor Layton Gameplay Hints and Tips:

• Explore the City

During your investigations you’ll travel the city streets, talking to the peculiar townsfolk and trying to unravel the ominous riddles before you. Move your stylus over the Touch Screen to examine points of interest: if your magnifying glass icon turns blue, it means you can zoom in for a closer look; if it turns orange, tap the screen to uncover information, hint coins or puzzles.

• Solve Puzzles

Puzzles await in all sorts of places! You might be presented with them as part of the story, challenged with them by people you meet, or find them hidden in spots around the city. They come in all shapes and sizes: the harder a brainteaser is, the more picarats it’s worth. If you want to unlock bonus content, you’ll want to collect as many picarats as you can. Think carefully before you submit your puzzle answer though – if you’re wrong, the amount of picarats you’ll receive will decrease!

Note To Self: To give yourself the best chance of success, don’t forget that you can use the Memo function during puzzles to take notes and work through each problem slowly before you answer.

• Need a Hint?

It’s a good idea to investigate everything and talk to everyone – you might even find some hint coins or hidden puzzles! Hint coins are invaluable when tackling difficult puzzles: if you’re stumped you can spend a hint coin to quite literally buy a clue, or rather, a Hint! Each conundrum has three normal Hints that cost a coin each, and then there’s a Super Hint – a proper revelation that’ll set you back two whole hint coins.

Useful Money: The hint coins you find can also be used in the courtroom to help out Phoenix Wright – so rake in as many as you can when you’re wandering around Labyrinthia!

• Missing Puzzles

To help you find all the goodies, the city map shows a handy list of how many puzzles and hint coins there are to find in each area, and the number of each you’ve uncovered so far. Of course, sometimes things are just really well hidden, so from a certain point in the game you’ll be able to head to the Great Archive of Labyrinthia to tackle any puzzles you’ve missed!

• Keeping Track

Whether you’re pounding the pavement in town or standing tall in the face of twisting testimony, you can keep track of everything that’s happened so far in the menu. There you can check out a recap of the story (alongside Layton’s insights on it), get a round-up of all the current mysteries, keep on top of how many hint coins and picarats you’ve got and more! Remember, it’s the duty of every gentleman (or lady) to stay abreast of the facts!

Phoenix Wright Gameplay Hints and Tips:

• Different Rules

As ace attorney Phoenix Wright you’ll tackle a very unique case – a witch trial – in a court like no other! The rules of this court differ from those you might be used to, so get ready to think outside the box!

You still have evidence on your side though, and all the facts can be found in the Court Record, or in the Grand Grimoire – a spellbook that describes how magic works in Labyrinthia. (You can hardly argue a case about witchcraft without some proper information on it, after all!) You can look over these at any time, and it’s worth a good peruse to get your head around the facts throughout the trial.

• Witness Testimony

Throughout the case, the prosecution will cart out witnesses to give their account of the crime and point the finger at your client – it’s your job to expose them for the rotten fibbers they are!

You’ll do that by spotting contradictions in their testimony and cracking their stories wide open. Sometimes the original testimony won’t give you much to go on, so Press every witness to make them expand on their statements. The more they have to explain, the shakier their story’s likely to become!

• Present Evidence

The witnesses are lying through their gammy, medieval teeth, but you’ve got to prove it! Start by comparing their testimony with the evidence on file, hit on anything that doesn’t quite add up – no matter how small – and Present the Evidence with an “OBJECTION!” that’ll stop the liar in their tracks. Poke enough holes in the prosecution’s case and justice will prevail!

• Credibility & Hints

If you’re going to triumph in court, you can’t just go around presenting random evidence! If you assert something that doesn’t make sense the judge will penalise you; get too many strikes and your Credibility will reduce so much that you’ll automatically lose the case! On the upside, finishing cases with high Credibility earns you picarat rewards – helpful for unlocking bonus content!

Use Hint Coins: Case proving tricky? Cash in the hint coins that you’ve been collecting during your investigations of Labyrinthia to get an idea of where the contradictions lie in court. This should help you stay on the right side of the Judge!

• All Together Now!

There are two sides to every story, and in this bizarre trial there can be three, four, or more! In the court of Labyrinthia the prosecution can bring out a whole gaggle of witnesses at once, meaning you’ll need to untangle the contradictions between their testimonies! Pay close attention when each witness is giving their statement to see if any of the other witnesses seem to react strangely, then call them out on it!

Here’s a message from the game’s director at developer Level-5, Mr. Akihiro Hino, about mixing the two game series:

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