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Looking for Goat Simulator cheats on PC, Mac & Linux? Here we’ll list Goat Simulator cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Coffee Stain Studios’ new simulation game.

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Goat Simulator Cheats

How To Go To Outer Space

Location: Near the spawn area you’ll find a house with an opened garage in front. Enter the garage to find a green glowing beacon on the work bench. Kick over the work bench and after the beacon has fallen on the floor, to pick it up you have to lick it with the E key.

Take the beacon to the two crop circles in the middle of the nearby wheat field. One of the crop circles will be without a beacon, so you have to attach the beacon to the empty pole simply by walking up to it.

Next, wait 25 seconds at the pole you just completed and keep looking up until the UFO appears that sucks you up with its tractor-beam! The UFO will take you to outer space!

This video guide shows you how to go to space:

How To Return To Earth: Flip 11 times in space and then balance yourself out properly, then wait until you are returned to Earth.

How To Get The Devil Goat Power-Up

Location: First, at the party there’s a barricaded area for goats that has a miniature spiral staircase tower in it (the Goat Castle). Walk up the stairs and enter the goat-door at the top to enter the goat’s throne room inside. Follow the red carpet and sacrifice yourself in the goat sacrificial throne’s fires. After that you’ll spawn outside wit a devil-mask on, but you’re not fully powered up yet…

Second, you’ll have to find the red Pentagram location behind the powerline pylon on the other side of the map. It can be reached by following a path up the hill in between Coffee Stain Studios and the party, as you get closer you’ll find torches lit alongside the path.

Once you arrive at the Pentagram location, go stand in the middle of the Pentagram, and either use your tongue to bring 5 human sacrificial victims there or spawn 5 goats on it by pressing the R key. Upon completion, the “Blood for the Blood Goat” message & demon skull mask confirms your powers are now active. You’ll get the powers of the Devil Goat including flight and creating balls of stuff. Simply keep pressing the R key to activate them.

This video guide shows you how to get the Devil Goat power-up:

How To Play Flappy Goat

Location: Go to Coffee Stain Studios. Enter the house, by jumping through the window or otherwise, and walk upstairs to find a room with a big-screen TV that has a playable version of Flappy Bird skinned as Flappy Goat on it! Use the R key to flap.

How To Start Playing: While near the TV, press the “Backspace” key to open up a menu with 4 playable games available, including: Flappy Bird, Drug Wars, Box Pusher, and Snake. Then press the “Enter” key to start the game, and press the “Backspace” key to exit each game.

Flappy Goat Cheat: Here’s a cheat for you to win more easily at Flappy Goat. Use the Slow-Motion Mode to slow down time by pressing the F key.

This video shows where to go to find Flappy Goat:

Console Command Codes

Believe it or not, one command code has been discovered for the game and its only purpose is to crash the game, as to unlock the “Involuntary QA” achievement next time you start the game again.

How To Crash The Game: Press the tilde key (it looks like this: ~) to open up the command console. Then type in “beginBVT” (without those quotations) and press the ENTER key on your keyboard. – Hopefully some actual cheat codes will be discovered soon.

Credits: Carry & Maka

There are not yet any other Goat Simulator cheats on PC (and soon Mac & Linux). Until more are discovered, we made the handy Goat Simulator guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

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