The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 Episode 2 Walkthrough

Chapter 5: A Stranger

Chapter 5 Objective: Met someone while crossing the bridge.

Chapter 6: Old Friends

Chapter 6 Objective: On the other side of the bride! We made it to the ski lodge.

Part 2 is “Reunited”:

Part 3 is “Revelations”:

Part 4 is “Christmas Dinner”:

Part 5 is “Helping A Stranger”:

Chapter 7: Past Midnight & Reunion Ending

Chapter 7 Objective: Settled things with a new friend. But it’s dark out now.

Part 2 shows we’re “Caught In A Trap” and leads up to the “Reunion” ending of Episode 2.

This is the End of “The Walking Dead Game: Season 2 – Episode 2: A House Divided”.
Please check back with us in April 2014 for “Episode 3: In Harm’s Way”.

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