South Park: The Stick of Truth Censored Scenes

4 March 2014
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South Park: The Stick of Truth Sensored Scenes

Check out the South Park: The Stick of Truth Censored Scenes in the European version of the game.

All censored scenes from South Park: The Stick of Truth’s European, Australian, Middle-Eastern & African versions on consoles (Xbox 360, PS3). South Park: The Stick of Truth has seven missing scenes on console in the version of the game for Europe. The censored scenes appear as text descriptions in front of a European Union flag (and facepalming Thinker statue) or as an Australian koala. The content nixed from the these non-American versions of the game depict anal probing during an alien abduction (five scenes) and variously interactive abortions at the Unplanned Parenthood abortion clinic (two scenes).

The missing scenes are around 20 seconds each, says publisher Ubisoft, and their removal was a “marketing” decision rather than a result direct pressure from ratings boards.

Here’s the infamous uncensored abortion scene:

PS: We hope to soon add all the South Park: The Stick of Truth deleted scenes, so your obviously twisted minds can view them as the South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone originally intended.

[More Deleted Scenes Coming Soon]

Credit: Outsidexbox & WGG

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