South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough

Part 19: Recruit the Girls

The Humans and Elves of Zaron have united as one now that they have found a common enemy in The Stick of Truth-wielding Clyde. In his fortress of darkness he’s raised an army of 50 warriors, and so our new team must recruit more factions, namely The Pirates, The Federation, and… the Girls.
Warning: Includes the uncensored ‘abortion’ scene.

Part 20: Heading North, Forging Alliances & O Canada

Next, we must travel from the Elven Kingdom to the kingdom to the north.

Protip: How to cure Dire AIDS in Canada if you’re bitten by a Dire Wolf? Go to Ottawa on the 8-bit map and visit the Hospital there. You’ll need to enter the Hospital twice, and select “Get healing” each time, to get fully cured.

Part 21: Climb Clyde’s Fortress

In this next quest our team must Climb Clyde’s Fortress using Alien Probe teleportation to get inside the gates, and then work their way up.

Part 22: Mr. Slave’s Abortion

In “Mr. Slave’s Abortion” someone has to remove a nuke from his ass that the aliens put there. Stop laughing… Are… are you still listening to me here? THIS IS IMPORTANT YOU KNOW! Well, you probably guessed it, you have to use Gnome Dust to become small and remove the thermonuclear device yourself.

Part 23: Beat Up Clyde!

The “Beat Up Clyde!” quest starring Nazi Zombie Chef & Morgan Freeman! Go get ’em Commander Douchebag!

Part 24: Betrayal From Within, Final Boss Fight & Ending

The last main quest “Betrayal From Within” revolves around the half-Orc/Elven offspring, Princess Kenny, betraying his friends to get The Stick of Truth that’s his as its heir.

Join the new kid on his last step in the journey to retrieve the Stick of Truth with help from his new friends, Cartman, Butters, Stan, Kyle, and Jimmy. Get ready for the Princess Kenny final boss fight, but first, a song!

The End… But wait! There’s a secret ending you can unlock if you walk out of the room during the Mr. Slave snuke scene before the final boss fight. Take a look at the hilarious scene here:

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