South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough

Part 14: Alien Abduction

If you thoughts Aliens VS Predator was scary, wait till you see the anal-probe wielding extraterrestrials in the “Alien Abduction” quest!
Protip: How to beat the probe button mashing part? The best advice is to set your controller down on a table and press the button as fast as you can!

Hint: Gold things can be used or opened, although sometimes a key is needed. Be on the lookout for gold handles, knobs, latches and so on.

Part 15: Gain New Allies & Nonconformist

Sir Douchebag must go on a quest in the lands of Zaron to recruit another faction of allies to bring to Cartman’s Kupa Keep.

Hint: Use the power of Underpants Gnomes to shrink down into spaces you couldn’t previously access. Examine your surroundings for mouse holes or other small passages.

Part 16: PTA Problems

At the Elven Kingdom you’ll unlock Stan and Jimmy as buddies in battle. Go recruit the Goths in their “PTA Problems” Quest at the South Park Community Center. After your protest, talk to Randy Marsh to start the Quest and he’ll teach you The Sneaky Squeaker fart move against enemies who can block regular farts, and he’ll warn you to never fart on anyone’s balls… *ominous silence*
Afterwards, you’re ready to sneak into the Taco Bell / UFO Crash Site.

Seriously, any scene with Randy in it is comedic gold! I can’t stop laughing my ass off! 😀

Side Quests Note: Inside the South Park Community Center, talk to Mr. Mackey to get Mackey’s Storage Key to start the “Wasted Cache” Side Quest.

Part 17: Attack the School

A fierce battle between the Elves and the Humans (and Goths too) will be waged at South Park Elementary. Get ready for the evil Jew Elf boss fight!

Part 18: Defeat the Underpants Gnomes

Oh, time to go to bed.

Embarrassment Prevention Tip: Turn down the volume while playing or watching this quest.

Tip: Certain mystical friends will give you special summoning tokens. These can be used once to summon your friend into battle – though summon items aren’t usable when fighting bosses.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough continues on Page 5 with Part 19: Recruit the Girls.