South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough

Part 11: Detention Sentence

In the “Detention Sentence” the new kid has to save Craig AKA Feldspar the Thief from South Park Elementary school. Craig is in detention at the school cafeteria, free him. To do so you’ll have to fight Gingers in the hallways.
The second half of the “Detention Sentence” quest includes stealing the golden key from Mr. Mackey’s office, the Hall Monitor boss fight, and saving Craig.

Tip: You can inflict Bleeding multiple times on the same target, multiplying the damage the target takes each turn to blood loss.

Part 12: Lost Forest

Time to get lost in the “Lost Forest” woods.

Totally Useless Tip: If you’re woefully baffled by the Lost Forest, choose a direction and keep going. The worst that happens is you get killed by wild dogs.

Part 13: The Bard

Here begins “The Bard” quest at The Inn of The Giggling Donkey. Get ready to fight to get The Stick of Truth back.
The quest gets activated in Cartman’s backyard at Kupa Keep, where he’ll teach you how to Cup A Spell in his farting tutorial.
The second half of “The Bard” guide continues the quest battles up to the Jimmy the Bard boss fight!

Fart Button Combination Tip: How to fart? To select your fart, press R1 on PS3 / RB on Xbox 360, and after that you pull the right analog stick down and then up.

Pee Pee Tip: Always keep a Power Potion or two in your inventory – your PP replenishes only at the end of a battle, and you never know when you’ll need a few more.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Part 14: Alien Abduction.