South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough

Part 6: Saving Justin Bieber

In front of City Hall, our heroes fight a group of girl bullies who stole little Annie’s sweet Justin Bieber doll.

Side Quests Note: You can go into City Hall and pay a visit to the Mayor who then gives you “The Homeless Problem” Side Quest. South Park’s way of dealing with too many homeless people on the streets, is to have little kids beat them up so the homeless go out of town. All this to appear compassionate!?!? Haha.
Additionally, it’s shown in the video guide if you go into house #1701 and talk to Kevin the Trekkie, he’ll give you the Vulcan Around Side Quest.

Tip: There are often ways to use the environment to knock out enemies before combat begins. For example by farting on them from a little distance, before approaching them for battle.

Note: Every level you will gain an upgrade to an ability of your choosing.

Part 7: Al Gore & ManBearPig

First, Butters shows us around his house at #1020 and Cartman’s house next-door at #28201. But wait, we’re supposed to be playing the game…

After that exploration trip, go to the cinema complex and walk to the right to hear Al Gore calling you on a mission to find ManBearPig! Place the 3 ManBearPig Sensors around town — on the Wind Cockerel, Fire Danger Meter & Transformer — to find out where it is.

Side Quests Note: Go to Tweek Bros. coffee house and talk to Tweek in the backroom to start the “Hot Coffee” delivery run Side Quest.

Fast Travel Tip: Timmy can take you from any Fast Travel Flag to any other Fast Travel Flag you have unlocked. You can recognize said red “Timmy” flags on white sticks in the ground with a bicycle horn attached to them, that you honk to call Timmy. His services are free, so use it as often as you’d like.

Tip: Gross Out inflicts damage over time and interferes with healing.

Part 8: Professor Chaos Lair & Mr. Slave’s Package

We end up finding the Professor Chaos Lair at U-STOR-IT Storage Unit #223.

Don’t forget to complete the “Mr. Slave’s Package” Side Quest by going to Mr. Slave’s house to give him his Package. (Picked up at the Postal Office in Part 9 & delivered in Part 10 of this walkthrough.) This will unlock the Rawhide Whip summon item.

Side Quests Note: The above video also reveals the “Hide ‘n’ Seek” Side Quest at the kindergartners playground.

Tip: A shield stops one hit, regardless of damage done. Use attacks with multiple hits per turn against Shielded foes.

Part 9: Rabid Junkyard Dog & Meth Lab

Let’s go to Kenny’s house in the poor part of town. To the right of his house you’ll find a junkyard area. The new kid and Butters must traverse the dangerous Junkyard, past the hobo & rabid dog, to get to the Meth Lab for a delivery gone wrong.

Weapons Tip: Check your Inventory often. Forgetting to equip newer and better Weapons can leave you at a disadvantage in combat.

Note: There are often ways to use the environment to knock out enemies before combat begins.

Part 10: Call the Banners

Recruit Token (Fancy House), Craig (U-STOR-IT Storage Unit #223) and Tweek (Tweek Bros. Coffee House) to join Cartman’s army.
Then learn Dragonshout magic farting at Kupa’s Keep.
Includes the “Hot Coffee” Side Quest.

Part 2 of this Quest also includes the “Gate Crashers” Side Quest.

Patches & Strap-Ons Tip: Patches and Strap-Ons can be removed and refitted as many times as you desire – experiment with your options. Use the Modify option in the Inventory to apply Patches and Strap-Ons.

Tip: Burning enemies take damage each turn and become especially vulnerable to magic farts.

South Park: The Stick of Truth Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with Part 11: Detention Sentence.