South Park: The Stick of Truth Achievements Guide

The South Park: The Stick of Truth achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox 360 & PC RPG game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

In the South Park: The Stick of Truth achievement guide we’ll show there are 50 Achievements (11 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

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South Park: The Stick of Truth Achievements Guide


1. New Kid On The Block (15G) — Join the KKK.

Tip: At the end of day one — right after the bard fight — Cartman will make you a member of Kool Kids Klub (not to be confused with that other club with the same initials!). It’ll unlock as you take on the epic quest that follows after, called “go home”.

2. First Day in South Park (15G) — Spend one day in South Park.

Note: This can be unlocked after you escape the UFO at the end of day one.

3. Gingivitis (15G) — Let Gingers bite you 3 times without blocking.

Note: Missable achievement!
Location: This can be unlocked inside the South Park Elementary school, where you get the quest to save Craig from detention. There you’ll encounter Gingers, and simply do not block their attacks until the achievement pops up!

4. Day Walker (15G) — Defeat the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles.

Note: Missable achievement!
Location: This can be unlocked inside the South Park Elementary school, where you get the quest to save Craig from detention. There you’ll need to get the wearable freckles from one of previously mentioned Gingers or from one of the lockers in the school. Then during the quest, after acquiring the golden key from Mr. Mackey’s office, you’ll encounter the Boss Hall Monitor. During the battle against him, you’ll be able to select the freckles from your Inventory, under Make-up.

5. Made This for You (15G) — Fling a turd that you created at an enemy in combat.

Tip: To make a turd you must (logically) go into a bathroom toilet and repeatedly keep pressing on the A button until a turd falls into the toilet bowl. Pick it up from the bowl to add it to your Inventory. To use the turd in battle, during battle go to the Healing Item option and select the turd, then select the enemy to throw the turd at.

6. Are We Cool? (15G) — Find Jesus while playing as a Jew.

Requirement: When you begin the game, you’ll need to select the Jew Class for fighting.
Bonus: No matter your class, finding Jesus in this way will unlock the powerful Summon item ability!

Start the “Find Jesus” quest by talking to Priest Maxi, who’s on the park bench left of South Park City Hall, at about 10-20 minutes into the game. Then go to the church to find Jesus playing peek-a-boo among the church benches, find him twice. After that go back to talk to Priest Maxi and he’ll tell you to go back again. Go back to the church and re-arrange the two lights to point to the holy cross in the middle, and finally flip the light switch on the right side of the wall to off. Walk up behind the speaker pedestal where the shade’s coming from… You found Jesus!

7. Parkeologist (15G) — Open all garages in South Park.

8. For the Hoarder (15G) — Sell nothing the entire game.

9. Truth to Power (15G) — Fart on the Mayor, Father Maxi, Principal Vic, & Prime Minister.

Note: Missable achievement! Be sure to fart on the Prime Minister during the “O Canada” quest or you’ll miss out on your one chance to get it.

Fart Button Combination Tip: To fart, press R1 on PS3 / RB on Xbox 360 and then pull the right analog stick down and then up.

10. Irritable Bowels (15G) — Shit your pants during a boss battle.

Location: Can first be done during Jimmy boss fight in “The Bard” quest.

Shitting your pants happens when your green-colored mana bar overloads all the way. This happens when Jimmy the Bard attacks you three blast attacks in a row that you must NOT block!

11. Dog Whistle (15G) — Fart on a canine enemy while in Gnome form.

12. Dragon Wrath (15G) — Hit 3 enemies with a single fart outside of combat.

13. Just Saying Hi (15G) — Fart on each available buddy in the game.

14. Re-Buttal (15G) — Interrupt 5 channel attacks with a fart.

Location: Can be done for the first time during the South Park Elementary detention quest’s Hall Monitor boss fight. You can also try it in a fight against Underpants Gnomes.

Before you start the fight, make sure you have enough mana potions in your inventory. Mana is required to do a farting magic attack strong enough to interrupt the enemy while it’s concentrating to charge its channel attack (a process which gives you one move to interrupt it). For example, you can select the Dragon Shout farting attack (requires 40 mana) to interrupt the enemy each of the five times.

15. Heisenberg (15G) — Defeat the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and the bald cap.

No, not Walter White. Nice Breaking Bad reference, though!
Can be done early on in the game. The video guide shows where to find the Evil Cartman goatee and the bald cap.

16. Shutout (15G) — Successfully block every enemy attack in a single, non-tutorial battle.

17. Stay Down (15G) — Fart on 10 enemies in the world when they’re knocked out.

18. Avenger (15G) — Defeat at least 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy is unconscious.

19. No Child Left Behind (15G) — Complete the game without ever ending a combat with a buddy knocked out.

Tip: Focus your character in combat the most on Cartman and Butters wherever possible. And even if one of your characters goes down, you can revive the character before the battle ends.
Note: If you do not download the day-one patch, then you’ll always unlock this at the end of the game.

20. Poco Chinpoko (15G) — Collect 5 Chinpokomon.
21. Chinpoko loco (30G) — Collect 15 Chinpokomon.
22. Chinpokolypse (75G) — Collect all the Chinpokomon.

Tip: To find all 30 Chinpokomon, check out our South Park: The Stick of Truth Chinpokomon Locations Guide.

23. Daddy Issues (15G) — Befriend your Dad.
24. More Popular Than Jesus (30G) — Befriend Half of South Park.
25. More Popular Than John Lennon (30G) — Everyone in South Park is your friend.

Tip: To find all 120 friends, check out our South Park: The Stick of Truth Friends Locations Guide.

26. Junk Peddler (15G) — Sell 300 junk items.

27. Ass of Fire (15G) — Kill 20 enemies with Cartman’s ass.

28. Canadian Handshake (15G) — Fart on people 100 times

Tip: How do you fart on people? You can select your fart with R1 on PS3 / RB on Xbox 360 and then pull the right analog stick down and then up.

Protip: The easy way to do this is by farting on the same person 100 times in a row (instead of on 100 different people).

29. Animal Cruelty (15G) — Fart on animals 25 times.

Protip: Doesn’t count when you fart on cows and half the rats you encounter. So the easy way to do this is by walking in front of the South Park City Hall to find the kitty and fart on that same kitty 25 times in a row (instead of on 25 different animals).

30. Pulling Mud (15G) — Shit Your Pants in battle three times.

Tip: As mentioned in the “Irritable Bowels” section, you shit your pants by overloading your mana bar. For example, by taking mana potions to overfill your mana meter.

31. Shopaholic (15G) — Complete half of the available costume sets.

32. Clothes Whore (75G) — Complete all available Costume Sets.

33. Friends in Strange Places (15G) — Befriend Crab People and Underpants Gnomes.

– Underpants Gnomes location: At your home. The “Phase 1” Side Quest appears right after doing the Underpants Gnome section at your home. (Around the time you’re doing the “Forging Alliances” Quest).

– Crab People location: Go down the manhole cover in the center of town (next to the “Men Working” sign) to take you into the sewer where the Crab Person lives. Follow the path until you reach a big rock blocking the way, use your parting farting ability to blow up the rock and reach the Crab Person to talk to it.

34. Weapon Proficiency (15G) — Score 100 perfect attacks.

35. Skilled Defender (15G) — Block 100 attacks.

36. You bastards! (15G) — Have Kenny Die 10 times in battle over the course of the game.

Haha, classic South Park! Outside of the many ways Kenny can die, here’s the easiest method. When you’re playing as Princess Kenny, select his (her?) unicorn attack. When you’re prompted to perform a Quick-Time Event, miss it on purpose and you will have killed Kenny each time… you bastard! 😛

Tip: You can unlock this without foregoing the “No Child Left Behind” achievement that requires no buddy is knocked out by the end of a battle all game long. That’s because Kenny comes back to life after 2-3 turns, and of course like any buddy you can revive a knocked out Kenny before the battle ends.

37. Mastery (15G) — Unlock all the upgrades for one of the New Kid’s abilities.

Note: The easiest way to unlock this is to put each upgrade point towards a single ability until all 5 upgrade levels are unlocked.

38. Make it Rain! (15G) — Spend $500.

39. Full Arsenal (15G) — Collect all the weapons and costumes available in the game.

Tip: You can find all 153 using our South Park: The Stick of Truth Weapons and Costumes Locations Guide.

Secret Achievements:

40. KKK Hero (30G) — You defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle.

41. Elven Hero (30G) — You defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle.

42. Nonconformist (15G) — You befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game.

43. Inside Joke (15G) — While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.

Requirement: Complete the “Mr. Slave’s Package” Quest to receive Mr. Slave’s Summon ability, the Rawhide Whip.
Location: Use the Rawhide Whip summon item during a fight, while you’re inside Mr. Slave in the “Mr. Slave’s Abortion” Quest. This can be when he has a (s)nuke up his arse and you use your Gnome Dust to become small and go inside to disarm it.

44. Acceptance (15G) — You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.

45. Face Hoff (15G) — You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff.
46. Two Girls, One Stick (15G) — You defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise.
47. Outpatient (15G) — You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS.

– How to be The Hasselhoff: Get the David Hasselhoff makeover costume at a cost of $175 at Tom’s Rhinoplasty.
– How to get the girl makeover disguise: In your Inventory under Body, make sure you have selected the Makeover Outfit, then under Hands the Makeover Accessory, next under Hair is the Makeover Wig, and finally under Makeup is the Makeover Makeup. Together these make you look like a girl.
– How to get Dire AIDS: Battle a Direwolf in Canada in the “O Canada” Quest — or visit Canada by going to the north-easter corner of the town map — to get it when you’re physically attacked by the Direwolf.

48. Perverted (15G) — You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.

Note: Missable achievement!
Location: Right after the “Attack the School” quest at South Park Elementary is finished, you’ll encounter your parents while you’re out too late. Your parents ground you and promptly send you to bed. When you’re at home in bed the “Defeat the Underpants Gnomes” quest will begin, where the Gnomes try to kill you for discovering them. After the battle you’ve shrunken down with their magic dust and you’re exploring the inside of your home’s walls, climb up until you see a small silver door to enter. This leads to your parents room where you must stand still for 1 minute.

Embarrassment Prevention Tip: Turn down the volume while watching or unlocking this trophy.

49. Stick Savior (25G) — You defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth.

50. Too Far (15G) — You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus.

Location: These can be found in during fights in the “Recruit the Girls” mission, which takes place in the Unplanned Parenthood clinic.

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