Thief 2014 Loot Locations Guide

24 February 2014
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Thief 2014 Loot Locations Guide

Welcome to the Thief 2014 Loot locations guide that helps you find all of the Loot locations in the PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 & PS4 stealth-action game.

Finding all Loot locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievements / Trophies:
* “All That Glitters” (15 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Stole 5 collectibles
* “Obsessive Compulsive” (5 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Stole all loot and collectibles in a single chapter.
* “Priceless” (20 Gamerscore / Bronze Trophy) — Completed a collectible set
* “What’s Yours is Mine” (40 Gamerscore / Silver Trophy) — Completed all collectible sets

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  • The Timeline for all these in-game Loot locations is listed below.

    Table of Contents

    Index of Thief 2014 Guides:

    Thief 2014 Loot

    How to find missing Loot?: In-game the Loot will appear simply as items to pick up with a white sparkly glow when you look at it from a distance. — Unfortunately simple cutlery items such as drinking glasses and wine bottles also light up in the same way, so don’t be too disappointed since that will happen repeatedly with guards apparently eating everywhere.

    How to see how many collectibles you have found in the current chapter?: During gameplay, pause the game (with the select button left of the start button). From the Main Menu’s “Journal” section, go to “Player Progression”, and select “Statistics” to find out how much of the total “Loot found” you have in the chapter you’re currently in.

    Does the game save each Loot you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Loot you just collected if you picked up the Loot. You’ll get an on-screen indicator, while at the same time Garrett admires any big Loot item he just stole.

    Where to find all Loot in Thief 2014? The in-game collectibles locations for the Loot are described in this detailed video guide.

    The Loot and gold are shown in these videos in the order that they appear through normal progression, with added handy voice-over tips!

    Chapter 1: Lockdown Loot

    Collectibles to find: 4
    Loot to find: 60

    Chapter 2: Dust to Dust Loot

    Collectibles to find: 5
    Loot to find: 65/71

    Chapter 3: Dirty Secrets Loot

    Requirement: Wirecutter & Wrench
    Loot to find: All
    Collectibles to find: 5

    Loot Note: At the start of Chapter 3, after the 1st collectible continue forward until you reach a room. When you’re looking to find the entrance to the brothel, if you keep going down that cave and in a room to the left of the peep hole… you can shoot a rope arrow up to one piece of Loot.

    Chapter 4: A Friend in Need Loot

    Loot & Collectibles covered.

    Loot Note: At 14 minutes into the video guide, that loot glimmer you see as the platform falls. You can crouched and go across that same bridge platform and it never fell, and then that glimmer is a cog up there.

    Loot Tip: The switch in the room next to the garden shuts off the fountain which disrupts the guards patrol. It actually brings the guard from the middle of the garden into the room where he can be knocked out.

    Chapter 5: The Forsaken Loot

    Loot locations covered first for the Moira Mental Asylum.
    Picking up all the loot outside the Asylum — to the right behind the benches and a hairbrush in the corner — that will make the golden Ancient Vessel urn magically appear in the entrance stone statue’s hands! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Chapter 5 additional Loot coverage tips by Fubar:
    In chapter 5 there was a bit of loot that can be found that brings us closer to 100% (but I am still missing 3). I also break things down by areas so in chapter 5 there are really 5 areas. Courtyard, Entrance, Mens side, Women’s side, and the area passed the wedge area (i.e. after the wheel chair moves on its own on the women’s side.)
    – Courtyard had 5 loot (same as you).
    – Entrance has 5 loot (same as you).
    – Mens side had 28 loot (2 more then your movie). One is when you look through a peep hole to make the painting collectible appear, look through the other peep hole to make a goblet appear in that room. The second is in the room where you grab the key to the women’s side. There is a ledge above that has a piece of loot you have to get from the inside. So just clime the bed and table there to get it.
    – I had 28 loot on the women’s side which was one more than you but I couldn’t figure out which one it was.
    – Then past the wedge I had 37 and it looked like you were skipping a bit, maybe frustration or something. So most of that is when those creatures are around. But before you go down there where the elevator is there is a hole in the metal bars you can climb over and get two pieces of loot.

    Collectibles to find: 6
    – [0:05] – City Heritage Plaques: Moira Asylum
    – [0:36] – The Court of Montonessi: The Repulsion of Civility
    – [1:27] – Flowers Eternal: Rose Brooch
    – [2:21] – Serendi Stone Circles: Ivory Circle
    – [2:49] – Unique Loot: Mechanical Eye
    – [3:45] – Memories of the Dead: Child’s Memory

    Thief 2014 Loot Locations Guide continues on Page 2 with Chapter 6: A Man Apart.


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    • Hi Fubar, thanks I’ve kept updating it whenever ClickToUnlock and Maka finished new chapters/missions, so it’s almost complete now, only chapter 8 to go! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Appreciate the tips for chapter 5, I’ll add them to the loot locations and put your name in the credits!

    • MalazanSurvivor

      I’d like to mention, first of all, thanks for the chapther 3 walkthrough. I wouldnt have found that wineglass outside of the brothel entrance without it. Secondly I’ve been working on text document walkthroughs and i would like to offer you my chapter 2 walkthrough, as i have all the collectibles and their locations listed in it. you can use it to update your video. Just let me know some way to send it to you ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bliksempie1975

      Hi – did not read all the comments yet, so not sure yet about your question about chapter 4 – whether it has been answered yet – the switch that you did not know what it does. It starts/stops the fountain in the courtyard. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bliksempie1975

      Ah. I have something to contribute that was not yet mentioned. First, there is a valve in the dining room, not sure what it does – couldn’t find anything different afterwards. Secondly, there is a box (where you need to use the wire cutters) in the women’s side – sort-of low, near the office. Also, not sure what it does – perhaps someone has some idea? Might get to some missing loot maybe? I might have gotten them without knowing that I entered a space that was previously hidden? At the end of the women’s ward, you show your statistics, indicating 63 pieces of loot. I have 66.

      **Edit** I ended up with 102/106, and 11/12 kills. Not sure where I missed the 12th kill, and the other 4 loot pieces…

    • MalazanSurvivor

      the 12th kill is kinda special. as your heading down to where all the creepy things are you will come across a couple of enemys, 1 will run as soon as you see him. but the other will stop for a couple seconds. if you can shoot him in time, he will be your 12th kill

    • bliksempie1975

      Do you need help with text-based walkthroughs? I am busy playing Chapter 7 now (Hidden City). Shall I make notes for you as I go along? Or do you have it already?

    • Thanks you two, that sounds great! I’d be happy to add your text walkthroughs to the guide and of course put your names in the credits.
      Feel free to leave your notes per chapter in a comment or email us videogamesblogger at gmail dot com

    • bliksempie1975

      Hi Ferry. Sorry – I am retracting my offer to make the text walk-through. Not because I am too lazy or because I am not willing to share back, but simply because I tried making it for Chapter 7, but there are just too many things to consider: Various ways to enter the same area, wording to describe what you see. It is just chaos.

      For example: “Once you enter the cathedral grounds, climb through the [broken iron grate] and walk straight ahead. Duck down and creep through a [low crawlspace] and down a wooden deck all the way to the bottom to pick up a poppy. Then go back up to just before the wooden deck, and climb up an [embarkment] where you can climb up into a dark corner of the [southern section] of the [open courtyard] of the cathedral grounds. Here you need to take out 2 birds and 6 guards.”

      Even though I think I described this part decently enough, there are two rooms here, and various crawl spaces, places to hook in rope arrows, and strange loot locations. And this is just the first 3 minutes of the level. It is just too complex to put in words without pictures.

      Good luck, Malazan, and sorry!

    • No worries Bliksempie. I see where you’re coming from and agree with you, which is why I’ll often start writing down locations and end up referring to the visual guide with a timeline and such. TTYL ๐Ÿ™‚

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