Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Walkthrough

Our Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this tower defense-style third-person shooter on the Xbox 360, Xbox One & later PC.

Play Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare and choose your fate! Will you be part of the Zombie horde emerging from the Zomboss lair hidden in the mountains or the heroic Plant team holding them back and conquering the garden once and for all? Either way, it’s going to be a blast!

Let’s start the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare walkthrough with an introduction video!

Please note that viewers must be at least 10 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Animated Blood, Crude Humor, Fantasy Violence.

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Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare Walkthrough

Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare digs into the trenches with an explosive new action experience. Blast zombies, plants and new characters across a mine-blowing world that delivers the depth of a traditional online shooter blended on high with the refreshing humor of Plant vs. Zombies. Take on Co-op and Multiplayer action with your friends and sow the seeds of victory!

Key Game Features:

  • 24-player multiplayer action: Choose your side, plants or zombies, in 24-player online battles.
  • Customization: Personalize your favorite plants and zombies with hundreds of unique items and customisations.
  • 4-player online co-op and split-screen co-op: Join forces with friends in online 4-player cooperative mode or on the couch with split-screen. Take on zombie waves and unique new bosses.
  • New plants and zombies: Powerful new plants and zombies with a huge variety of abilities.
  • Expansive world: Over 10 unique multiplayer and cooperative battlegrounds.
  • Xbox One exclusive modes: Split-screen offline co-op and SmartGlass / Kinect gameplay in Boss mode.


Xbox Live’s Major Nelson goes hands-on with Plants versus Zombies: Garden Warfare’s Graveyards 24-player multiplayer action. Watch as Major Nelson highlights the features what most impressed him about this unique shooter.

This serves as a great tutorial to the game for beginners.

Welcome Mat and Gardens & Graveyards Modes

Welcome to the Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare walkthrough! Doug will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s different modes with handy tips along the way.

Welcome Mat Mode Info: The Welcome Mat is the perfect place to get started. The worse you do, the more health you gain in your next spawn. Why? Because it’s CRAZY! Customization & unlocked characters are not permitted.

Gardens & Graveyards Mode Info: Zombies fight to turn the Plants’ Gardens into Graveyards in an expanding map.

Timeline in minutes for various Gameplay Modes:

• Welcome Mat Mode (Zombies) — 5:30
• Welcome Mat Mode (Plants) — 13:48
• Gardens & Graveyards Mode (Plants) — 20:36
• Gardens & Graveyards Mode (Zombies) — 40:42

Garden Ops Mode

Garden Ops Mode Info: A 4-player co-op mode where the Plants have to work together to keep their precious garden alive versus the hungry undead Zombies. This is essentially PvZ’s spin on Gears of War’s Horde Mode game type.

Team Vanquish Mode

Team Vanquish Mode Info: Here you must try to wipe out the pesky plants or zany zombies in a 24-player multiplayer action match. Choose your side, plants or zombies.

The game’s developers show off combat classes in a 24-player Team Vanquish match.

Boss Mode

Boss Mode Info: Exclusive to Xbox One. Take to the skies as Crazy Dave or Dr. Zomboss for a top-down view of the action! Players can employ their Kinect or a SmartGlass device in any gameplay modes to support their teams. It gives a helpful top-down view of the battlefield, letting you assist teammates with intel, health drops, revive stations and explosive artillery strikes. Boom!

Go behind the scenes with the team behind Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare as they talk about Boss Mode. Boss Mode gives players a top-down view of the battle with the role of supporting their team by spotting enemies and using abilities like health drops, revive stations and explosive artillery strikes.

Next, producer Brian Lindley showcases two exclusive modes for Xbox One, split-screen co-op and Boss Mode. It starts at 1:46 minutes into this video.

Thanks to PopCap Games, Doug, Dingo8 & GS for the walkthrough videos.

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