The Last of Us: Left Behind Optional Conversations Locations Guide

Welcome to The Last of Us: Left Behind Optional Conversations locations guide that helps you find the total of 13 Optional Conversation locations for the PS3 action-adventure survival-horror game’s only story DLC.

Finding all 13 Optional Conversation locations will help unlock the following Trophy:
* “BFFs” (Bronze Trophy) — All optional conversations found in Left Behind.
* Bonus: By listening to these you’ll find out more about the game world’s backstory.

The overview for all these Optional Conversations locations are listed below.

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The Last of Us: Left Behind Optional Conversations

Important Note: The Optional Conversations are only between Ellie & Riley, so they won’t be in any other part of the game. You don’t have to get all the extra conversations in one playthrough. So don’t worry if you didn’t get them all on your first time through, you can go to Chapter Select and then choose the “Mallrats” and/or “Fun and Games” chapters they are in.

To trigger the 13 Optional Conversations you usually need to look at a certain object for a while. The triangle button must then be pressed to initiate the conversation.

You can also do this via chapter select. After listening to a conversation it will be saved immediately. There is no need to reach the next checkpoint. You can quit out to the main menu immediately and select a new chapter. There is no way to see which conversations you have already completed. So make sure to do them in correct order! In the statistics section of the bonus menu you can only keep track of how many you have in total. Once it shows all conversations you should get the trophy.

Where to find all Optional Conversations in The Last of Us: Left Behind? The in-game locations for the Optional Conversations are described in this detailed video guide.

The Optional Conversations are shown in the video in the order that they are found in Chapter 2 and 4 (the first two Riley chapters).

Overview for the most missable Optional Conversations locations:

Optional Conversation Locations in the Mall — There are a three conversations in the Mall before you get to the Halloween Shop in the last chapter.
– Early on there’s a chat after entering the Mall for the first time, by a firefly logo.
– Then there’s two more conversations you can trigger after you first drop down into the Mall.

Optional Conversation Locations in the Amusement Park — After you first get to the Mall, you’ll move on to the Amusement Park area.
– There you have to try the photo booth.
– Then try out the horse riding carousel.
– Also keep using the “No Pun Intended Volume Too” jokes book you find there until you can’t make puns anymore.

Optional Conversation Locations in the Mall Halloween Shop – In the Chapter 2 of the DLC, there’s a Halloween Shop with multiple conversations that are easy to overlook. So make sure you try on ALL the masks in the shop.
– After Riley scares Ellie with an “It” clowns mask, you can get Ellie to wear a Werewolf mask, which they’ll talk about.
– Then go to the back corner of the store with the eyeballs in a pot and talk about it to get Riley to scare you with a “Frankenstein’s Monster” & “Dracula” mask if you keep following her around. It’s in this same area where another chat can be triggered by putting on a green “Witch” mask.
– Go back to where you entered the store to find a magic 8-ball skull to shake for answers, do this multiple times (8 conversations in 1 go) until you can’t use it anymore and then leave it alone to get Riley to pick it up and play with it herself, which will trigger another convo.
– Then go to the closest costume rack near the store door to find the Triple Phoenix mask, which will trigger yet another conversation.
– Now that Riley is wearing a “Teddybear” mask, try and wear the “Dracula” costume from before yourself and talk to Riley.

Optional Conversation Locations in Chapter 6: Mallrats
– After you exit the Halloween Shop, you have to win the brick game, pick a question and wait for the save point, then restart the game and do this 2 more times to ask all the questions.

There you go! This should bring you closer to triggering all Optional Conversations in The Last of Us: Left Behind! 🙂

Huge thanks to JTBBALL, Shadowwizard, Mullinavat & PS3Trophies for the tips and guide video.

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