Lightning Returns Cosplay

Here is a cosplay of Lightning from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.
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Character Bio:
Lightning returns as the protagonist of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Five hundred years after the events of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning is chosen to be a savior by the god Bhunivelze, tasked to save the people’s souls before the end of the world.

About The Cosplayer:
Fantalusy, aka Lucy, is an artist and student of digital art in New Zealand. Her profile says: “Cosplay is a great art form, anyone I want to be even just for a short little while.
I cos I play, you can’t spell Fantalusy without Lucy 🙂 ”

Watch this adorable retro retelling of the Final Fantasy XIII saga!

Modeled by: Fantalusy
Photography by: Rayvenger

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