The Lego Movie Videogame Pants Locations Guide

Welcome to The Lego Movie Videogame Pants locations guide that helps you find the total of 21 Pairs of Pants locations for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U, PC, PS Vita & 3DS action-adventure game.

Finding all 16 in-game Pants locations (5 more are DLC & cheat unlocked) and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Honey, Where Are My Pants?” (30 Gamerscore / Silver PS3 Trophy / Gold PS Vita Trophy) — Collect all pairs of Pants (Single Player).
* Bonus: Pairs of Pants give the player special abilities.

The overview for all these in-game Pants locations is shown below.

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The Lego Movie Videogame Pants Locations Guide

Pants Detector Cheat & Other Tips

How to find missing Pants?: There are 16 Pants to wear. The 1st Pair of Pants called “Standard Pants” is your default yellow pants. The remaining 15 Pants can easily be found fast using the “Pants Detector” Red Brick. — As always turning on Red Brick cheats in the pause menu’s Extras, Enter Code section, does still allow you to unlock the Pants-related achievement / trophy.

This video guide will show where in the “Bricksburg” Open World Hub you can unlock this red brick and buy it for 200,000 studs, so you can enable the “Pants Detector” cheat. It works to help you find them all by having arrows pointing at the Pants on-screen from afar to up-close.

“Pants Detector” Location: It can be found in the “Bricksburg” Free Roaming open world hub. Go to the little green park and use a Master Builder to build a Tea Pot Vehicle. Doing this will unlock the red brick.

How to switch Pants?: The pants closets with rainbow lights on the sides and a blue legs icon at the top, where you can switch out pants. Pants closets are officially called “Dispantsers”. Look for Dispantsers in Hub levels. You can use them to swap to unlocked Pants.

Here’s a video showing how to find one of the pants closets in the “The Old West” Open World Hub.

Tip: Right next to the outside of Emmet’s house in Lego City (where the game starts), there’s another Pants closet where you can change pants. — There’s one such a Pants closet in each of the Hub Areas.

Does the game save each Pants you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Pants you just collected if you picked up the Pants. Once collected, these Pants will become available in the Pants closet AKA “Dispantsers”.

What are the Pants abilities?: Here’s a showcase of all the collectible Pants and their abilities in The Lego Movie Videogame.

Where to find all Pants in The Lego Movie Videogame? The in-game collectibles locations for the Pants are described in the following detailed video guides.

The Pants are listed in the video in the order that they appear through normal level progression.

1 Music Pants Cheat

“Music Pants” Cheat: Visit the “Bricksburg” Hub Area, and go to the left of the Police Station to find a floating “Lego Movie” LEGO box. Walk up to it until you stand right in front of and press the following button on your controller to enter codes into the LEGO box: Circle on PlayStation / B on Xbox / A on Wii U. Now you can input this cheat code: 6LKMNDHR

This video shows the new cheat for you to unlock the Music Pants in the game:

4 DLC Pairs of Pants

The Lego Movie Videogame DLC Pants

But wait! There’s more! There are 4 more Downloadable Content (DLC) pants in the “Wild West Pack” that’s part of the game’s Special Edition at participating retailers like GAME. — These may become paid DLC at a later date (together with the 4 DLC characters they come packed with).

The Wild West Pack DLC includes these 4 extra Pants:

Tornado Pants – spin around and attract more studs.
Prospector Pants – let you spawn more high-value studs?
Hot Pants – get all fired up!
Jack Rabbit Pants – let you jump higher and land in hard-to-reach places.

Level 1: Bricksburg Construction Pants Location

Pants Location #1: “Disco Pants” — Found at 08:50 to 10:05 minutes.
Get 3 Awesome ranks during the dance sequence in this level.

Level 2: Escape From Bricksburg Pants Location

Pants Location #2: “Agility Pants” — Found at 03:50 to 07:52 minutes.
It lets anyone do the jumps and pink and purple walls that Lucy and other female characters normally have to do. Emmet looks kind of silly up there, though. 🙂 A special area opens up when you hack after collecting the third piece in the first area and the pants are there.

Level 3: Flatbush Gulch Pants Location

Pants Location #3: “Stinky Pants” — Found at 06:27 to 06:42 minutes.

Level 4: Flatbush Rooftops Pants Location

Pants Location #4: “Pneumatic Pants” — Found at 07:47 to 08:08 minutes.

Level 5: Escape From Flatbush Pants Location

Pants Location #5: “Speedy Pants” — Found at 00:54 to 01:36 minutes.

The Lego Movie Videogame Pants Locations Guide continues on Page 2 with Level 6.