The Lego Movie Videogame Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny The Lego Movie Videogame easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for The Lego Movie Videogame. Watch footage of them all below.

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The Lego Movie Videogame Easter Eggs

How To Find Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet

Here’s a little easter egg you can find that’s a reference to Wonder Woman. It’s the “To the Invisible Jet!” 20 Gamerscore Achievement / Bronze Trophy, that you get when you “Find and destroy the Invisible Jet.”

Instructions How To Find Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet:

• Step #1. First, go to “The Old West” open world hub and walk to the right to the graveyard containing the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” portal.
• Step #2. Enter the “Cloud Cuckoo Land” level in Free Play mode. Now switch your player character to Unikitty (or any kitty variation) and find the rainbow cloud bricks to the immediate right.
• Step #3. Destroy the cloud and reassemble its rainbow brick pieces with Unikitty to create a launch pad that will send you flying to another cloud (at the very start where you land is where it’s hiding, you can’t miss it).
• Step #4. The invisible jet is right in front of you, slightly to your right, hidden behind shimmering stars in the night sky. Aim any kind of attack, like throwing a boomerang, forward to destroy the jet in a big explosion and send a mushroom cloud soaring into the sky. Moments after the jet’s destruction the “To the Invisible Jet!” Achievement / Trophy will unlock.

Watch the video of Wonder Woman funnily enough destroying her own Invisible Jet:

Indiana Jones Easter Egg

When you Free Play “Level 4: Flatbush Rooftops”, after Vitruvius builds a bridge to progress in the level, on the next rooftop look for the rainbow brick-covered door to the balcony. Using Unikitty’s building ability, you’ll gain entrance to a bar.

Inside the bar, you’ll find Indiana Jones’ hat, gun, and whip lying on a table! 🙂

To see the Indiana Jones easter egg, skip to 7:30 minutes into the video:

I’m sure there’s even more hidden easter eggs than these.

Discoveries made by Shockblast & Packattack.

Have you found any The Lego Movie Videogame easter eggs?