The Lego Movie Videogame Walkthrough

Free Roaming: The Old West Hub Area

This video simply shows some Free Roam gameplay in the 2nd hub area of the game. The theme of this area is the Old West. The first two hub areas are fairly small, but there are characters to buy, red bricks to unlock and a few missions to complete.

Part 2 shows some more Free Roaming in The Old West hub area. Notably, here a few red bricks are collected, and few new characters bought.

Note: Where the house is on fire, throw Ice Cream Jo’s ice cream cones at it to put out the fires.

Free Roaming: Bricksburg Hub Area

Let’s do some Free Roaming in the Bricksburg hub area to collect a few red bricks and buy a few new characters.

Part 2 shows some more Free Roaming in the Bricksburg hub area.

Free Roaming: Cloud Cuckoo Land Hub Area

More Free Roaming, up next is the Cloud Cuckoo Land hub area to collect a bunch of red bricks and buy a few more characters.

Free Roaming: The Bonus Room Hub Area

Now this is exciting, there a bonus level in this game too that gets unlocked when you complete the Story Mode. It’s called The Bonus Room and there’s ten gold bricks hidden inside.

Note: This room changes into the form shown in the video once you have completed the game’s Story Mode.

More Free Roaming in the open world coming all week!

Thanks to Warner Bros. Games, Brian, Shockblast & Packattack for the walkthrough videos.

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