Fable Anniversary Legendary Armor Guide

Here’s the Fable Anniversary Legendary Armor Guide with the full Fable Anniversary Legendary Armor list for you to peruse, and to find out how to unlock the Fable Anniversary Archon’s Battle Armor. Out of the possible Fable Anniversary armor sets, you’ll want the strongest armor in the game. It’s for those of you looking for Fable Anniversary Legendary Armor locations, the entire set can be found in one spot.

The guide below shows you how to unlock Archon’s Battle Armor…

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Fable Anniversary Legendary Armor Guide

Official Description: “Worn by the legendary king of Archon in his youth as he led battles against all of Albion’s enemies. The armour’s pieces are made out of the remains of the last Platinum Troll to walk the land before becoming extinct, and is still the hardest substance known to man.”

How To Unlock This Legendary Armour: Silver Keys unlock the most powerful armor in the game. Archon’s Battle Armour can be found in the Necropolis silver key chest, which requires you’ve collected at least 25 silver keys to open it. — Find all silver keys in our Fable Anniversary Silver Keys Locations Guide.

This video guide shows where to find & how to unlock Archon’s Battle Armor:

Archon’s Battle Armor is made up out of 5 parts:

• Archon’s Battle Helmet (111)
• Archon’s Battle Gauntlets (111)
• Archon’s Battle Chest Piece (444)
• Archon’s Battle Leggings (388)
• Archon’s Battle Boots (55)

Archon’s Battle Armor is valued at:

• Total Armour Rating: 1109
• Attractiveness: +40
• Scariness: +60
• Alignment Modifier: 0

Tip: If you don’t have enough Silver Keys to get the Legendary Armor, then you can still re-create a less armored version on your own…

You’ll need the following for the good version:
• Bright Platemail Armour (Full Set)
• Holy Warrior Helm

If you want to re-create an evil version use:
• Dark Platemail Armour (Full Set)
• Daemon Warrior Helm

Credits: Lionhead Studios, Raghav & Wikia

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