The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Book of Fables Locations Guide

Welcome to The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Book of Fables locations guide that helps you find all the Book of Fables entries for the PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PS3, PS Vita & iOS graphic adventure game.

Finding all Book of Fables locations and picking them up will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “Apprentice Librarian” (30 Gamerscore / Gold Trophy) — Unlock all Book of Fables entries in Episode 2.

The overview for all these in-game Book of Fables locations is below.

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The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Book of Fables

How to find missing Book of Fables?: Go talk to the flying monkey Bufkin. In-game the Book of Fables will unlock as you play through the story’s Chapters, with the exception of the last two. It can be confirmed as being Book of Fables for you to read, as the on-screen text will then tell you that “New Book of Fables entry unlocked”.

Tip: You can read the Fable entries via the Main Menu, by going into the “Extras” section and selecting “Book of Fables”.

Does the game save each Book of Fables you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Book of Fables you just collected or picked up the new Book of Fables entry, but it’s still recommended you play to the end of the Chapter. After getting each one your collectibles progress gets saved, as the on-screen indicator will show.

Where to find the final two missing Book of Fables entry?: Almost all entries unlock as you play through the chapters.

Missable Fable Locations #1 & #2:

In the first section of Episode 2. Where you are interrogating Tweedledee. What you basically have to do is to get the first missable Fable Book, which is Ichabod Crane’s, is being a jerk to the prisoner during interrogation. Should be easy for the Big Bad Wolf! Then replay/rewind the section with different choices to get the second missable Fable Book, which is Blue Beard’s, which is received for playing it nice and getting him talking by… and when you are being nice to Tweedledee don’t hit him, and be gentle, Blue Beard will get annoyed and try to interfere, then you stop him violently, and done!

So to get the final entry you simply need to rewind to the interrogation section to replay it, and either:
1) Choose Ichabod Crane’s Book of Fable, which opens if you mistreat the prisoner during interrogation, or
2) Instead choose Blue Beard’s Book of Fable, which opens by being nice to prisoner and not ever hitting him, followed by stopping Blue Beard when he tries to interfere, violently.

How to replay a section of the game with different choices?: That’s because you can only get one of the two at a time. You get this missing Book of Fables entry, by making an alternate choice.

It’s recommended you keep one savefile as your main story progression for the future Episodes. You can either choose to play the chapter how you want and rewind and savefile in a new spot leaving your main savefile intact, OR the easier way is to choose the option you don’t want and just rewind and overwrite your main savefile.

Missable Fable Location #3:

After the TJ the little frog interview, when him and his dad leave, Snow will ask if you want to go investigate the body or look around first? DO NOT LEAVE! Choose to look around a bit more… Do so by talking to the Mirror and afterwards you’ll have unlocked a new Book of Fables entry!

This video guide shows exactly where to rewind and get these 3 missable Fable Books:

There you go! All Book of Fables in The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 will soon be yours!

Thanks to Doug, Maha & AchievementHunter for the tips & guide video!

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