Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Nightfall Guide

Here’s the Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Nightfall Guide for the new Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught DLC Extinction Map on Xbox 360, Xbox One and one month later on PS3, PS4 & PC (but not Wii U).

Nightfall is part of the Onslaught package for Call of Duty: Ghosts, the first of four Extinction episodes that tie together a new storyline.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Nightfall Guide

This is a full guide to complete the Nightfall Extinction aliens map.

Anchoring this first content pack is Episode 1: Nightfall, the first installment in Extinction’s four-part episodic narrative driven by two new characters.

At a remote facility in the Alaskan wilderness, the shadowy Nightfall Program has been researching the origins of the “Alien” threat. When the scientists lose control, a small team of elite soldiers must retrieve the intel and exterminate hordes of savage creatures while surviving a three-story tall terror (called a Breeder) that’s unlike anything they’ve faced before.

Featuring two all-new species of aliens and an exclusive weapon called the Venom-X gun. Episode 1: Nightfall is a fast & frenetic, action-packed continuation of the Extinction experience.

Watch the official Extinction: “Episode 1: Nightfall” story introduction:

Here’s how to get started in Nightfall:

Intro: It all begins 14 weeks after the Colorado outbreak, with Rapid Reaction Force – CIF Team 1 arriving at the Alaska research facility.

Tip: Get a good team together of players you can rely on to revive and support you. Good team work is the key to success in Extinction mode. — Still looking for other co-op players? Leave your online gamertag/username in the comments section below and let people know you’re a team player. It’s fun to make new friends. 🙂

Let’s begin the guide by showing you the first nest and how to deal with a Breeder in Nightfall. The first Breeder boss fight starts at 10:20 minutes into the video guide.

Next, a tutorial on how to scare off the Breeder in under 1 minute during your first encounter.

Tip: The big takeaway during the Breeder fights is to have 2 automatic Sentry Guns ready to shoot at the Breeder’s eggs nest. While at the same time avoid his tail’s automatic gunfire by not staying out in the open too long.

What’s shown next is the hidden Weapon Locker tutorial. Arm yourself well.
How to unlock the secret Weapon Locker in Nightfall.

Here’s the one-hour-long full Nightfall walkthrough up to the Escape Ending!

Lastly, are some extra voice-over tips on how to defeat the Breeder final boss fight.

Here are all the steps to take to finish the Nightfall easter egg puzzle:

These next videos will give a step-by-step playthrough of the sequence of events you’ll need to complete to finish the puzzle.

STEP 1: To complete the “Egg-stra XP!” Challenge on all 5 Onslaught Maps, you must play in a public match to make a literal easter egg appear in each of the Fog, Bayview, Containment & Ignition Multiplayer Maps. Shoot at all 4 easter eggs when you find their nests. — The egg nest locations are shown in the video guide below.

STEP 2: Then go to an Extinction Mode Map (like Nightfall) to destroy a hive and you’ll receive 10,000 XP as a reward!

Challenges Note: To finish all challenges on the Nightfall map, check out our full Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Nightfall Completionist Guide if you’re looking to unlock that specific achievement / trophy.

Big thanks to Tmar, Noah, Liam, Maka & Veryrelaxing for the discoveries!

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