Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Easter Eggs

Let’s take a look at some funny Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught easter eggs! They can be found if you know where to look! 🙂

Easter eggs have been confirmed for Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught. Watch footage of them all below.

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Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught Easter Eggs

Michael Myers Easter Egg

What to do: When you complete a Field Order killstreak on the new Fog Multiplayer Map, you have a high chance of becoming the antagonist from the Halloween movies; the pure evil Michael Myers! When you complete a Field Order and get a Care Package Marker, throw it out in front of you and it will act as a call-button for a helicopter to drop the Michael Myers Care Package from the sky. Press and hold the X button on your Xbox controller to become Michael Myers (until someone kills you). Michael Myers is only available once per match on Fog.

What you get: Michael Myers has quite a bit of extra health and a giant bloody Axe to wield. He’ll be fast-running like a Maniac Juggernaut with more health. — The opposing team will also be listening to the Halloween movie theme playing and hearing eerie whispering everywhere on the map to put them on edge. Watch the video to see for yourself.

Creepy! đź‘ż

There’s also a secret hidden room on the same Fog map. Go to the old house, breach the wooden cellar door (with the red skull painted on it) to find all sorts of creepy things down there.

4 Hidden Easter Eggs

What to do: Go on an Egg Hunt in the 4 new Multiplayer Maps — Fog, Bayview, Containment & Ignition — and remember that must be done in a public match. You can find 4 Extinction Hive Eggs throughout the Onslaught Maps (1 in each of the 4 maps). Shoot each egg nest to progress.
Once you’ve shot all 4 egg nests, go into any map (the original or the new Nightfall map) on Extinction Mode to destroy a hive and get your reward.

What you get: Your reward for this “Egg-stra XP!” performance is that you gain 10,000 XP!

Timeline in minutes for the Egg in each Multiplayer Map:
• [0:06] – Ignition
• [0:29] – Fog
• [0:55] – Bayview
• [1:15] – Containment

Discoveries made by Outsidexbox, Maka, Noah.

Have you found any Call of Duty: Ghosts Onslaught easter eggs?