Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Citizen E Locations Guide

Welcome to the Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Citizen E locations guide that helps you find the total of 6 Citizen E locations for the Xbox 360, PS3, PC & PS Vita action-adventure stealth game.

Finding all 6 Citizen E locations and killing them will help unlock the following Achievement / Trophy:
* “The Truth” (Gold Trophy / 30 Gamerscore) — Kill all Citizen E and experience the true ending.
* Bonus: You get to watch the true ending to the game, and find out why Abstergo would release a game with an Assassin fighting Abstergo/Templars in the past.

The Timeline for all these in-game Citizen E locations is listed below.

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Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Citizen E

Important Tip: Two of the citizens are part of the main story and cannot be missed. Since they are story-related / unmissable, they are not included in the below video guide. Still, you should know that you have to beat the main story before this trophy / achievement can be unlocked. One is in Sequence 2, Memory 6 and one at the very end of the story after seeing the fake ending.

How to find missing Citizen E?: First, you have to beat the main story once to make all of the Citizen E appear on your second playthrough.
Second, when you get close to one of their locations, you will hear a voice and a part of the map will turn green. The citizens are in the green area and you need to kill them with the hidden blade. Use your Eagle Vision to locate them.

Note: Citizen E’s can only be killed using your hidden blade weapon.

Does the game save each Citizen E you collect?: Yes, the game will automatically save the Citizen E you just killed, after the post-kill animus animation plays.

Where to find all Citizen E in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD? The in-game collectibles locations for the Citizen E are described in this detailed video guide.

The Citizen E are listed in the video in the order that they appear.

Timeline in minutes for the Citizen E Locations Guide:

• Citizen E Location #1: In Sequence 2, Memory 6 [not shown but it’s unmissable]
• Citizen E Location #2: New Orleans – 0:05
• Citizen E Location #3: New Orleans – 1:06
• Citizen E Location #4: The Bayou – 1:37
• Citizen E Location #5: Chichen Itza – 2:16
• Citizen E Location #6: Appears after the fake ending [not shown but it’s unmissable]

There you go! All Citizen E in Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD are yours! 🙂

Huge thanks to Powerpyx for the guide videos and tips.

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