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Broken Age Cheats

How To Unlock Retro Mode

Here are the steps to take to unlock the Retro Mode AKA 8-Bit Mode in Broken Age:

STEP 1: From your Main Menu go to the “Options” menu.
STEP 2: Change your Resolution to 640×480 pixels.
STEP 3: Then go to Key Mapping and assign any key to the boy and girl icon (Vella and Shay) in the bottom-right corner.
STEP 4: Now you can go play the game to see the graphics have gotten a pixelated filter overlay, which gives the game a very retro 8-bit overhaul. — Use the key you assigned to the hidden feature to toggle Retro Mode on/off.

Broken Age Tips

Tim Schafer’s 2012 Kickstarter catalyst comes to life at long last with the latest Double Fine adventure, Broken Age!

In the following TV segment, the game’s director & writer Tim Schafer himself shows the gameplay and gives tips. After that introduction to the game, you can see how actor Elijah Wood joined the voice-cast of Broken Age in this behind-the-scenes reveal video.

Credits: Double Fine & The Phawx

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