The Banner Saga Cheats

Looking for The Banner Saga cheats on PC, Mac and soon Xbox 360, PS3 & iOS? Here we’ll list The Banner Saga cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Stoic’s new tactical RPG game.

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The Banner Saga Cheats

DLC Unlockables

As a pre-order bonus exclusive DLC, you can get the “Insane Viking” pack, which includes the exclusive Tryggvi character (spearman class) plus a necklace that grants a +10% extra damage in combat. It also includes three exclusive tracks created by Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory.

The “Insane Viking” Pack Includes:
• Tryggvi character (spearman class).
• Tryggvi’s necklace (grants +10 % CHANCE TO DO 2X STR DAM in combat).
• 3 exclusive tracks by Grammy nominated composer Austin Wintory.
• Special pre-order price discount.

The Banner Saga Tips

Dialog Tip:
As you might expect from an ex-BioWare team of developers, the dialogue choices you make in the game’s narrative sections impact how the story plays out. That said, your dialogue choices are best made as judgement calls rather than trying to second-guess the game’s intentions. The reason behind this is that the game won’t ever give you a break anyway, even if you’ve had a run of bad luck of late.

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