NES Remix Walkthrough

Our 3 Star Rainbow Rank NES Remix walkthrough will guide you through the first to last of the 16 NES minigames with challenge strategy tips for this single player minigame collection on the Nintendo Wii U.

Are you an 8-bit boss? NES classics return… with a twist! Take on lightning-fast challenges based on some of the most popular games of all time in the new NES Remix game. Whether you grew up with games like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros., or you’re playing them for the first time, this is your chance to see what made them legends. 😀

Let’s start the NES Remix walkthrough with an introduction video!

* Remixed Stages: This isn’t a compilation?it’s a new take on more than a dozen games. See what happens when Link meets Donkey Kong and familiar levels are turned upside down or black and white. Earn Stars by doing well and you’ll open up new stages.
For example: Save Pauline from Donkey Kong with your hero, Link. In Excitebike get to the finish line in time using automatic turbo! Or in Baseball hit the vanishing fastball and get on base.

* NES Stages: Take the best parts from your favorite games and throw in some rapid-fire challenges for an unbeatable combo. You’ll get to test your skills with levels that get more difficult as you go along. Replay as often as you like to beat your own high score!
For example: Get 10 1-Ups in a row in Super Mario Bros.! Defeat Gohma with a single arrow in The Legend of Zelda. Or collect fruit in Clu Clu Land.

Please note that the game is suitable for all ages 3 and up, because it includes Mild Fantasy Violence.

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NES Remix Walkthrough


Revisit the retro era and get a fresh perspective on some familiar games! In NES Remix, get to grips with bite-sized chunks of 16 Nintendo titles of yesteryear. Leap over barrels in arcade classic Donkey Kong, gather rupees in The Legend of Zelda, perform wheelies in Excitebike, and much more – as fast as possible!

Unlock additional stages by earning Stars, then truly put your retro reflexes to the test in Remix stages. Games that you thought you knew are twisted into new forms with rearranged rules – some even change appearance! Can you adapt your time-tested skills to overcome the weird and wonderful challenges that await?

Best over 200 stages based on much-loved Nintendo classics in NES Remix, only on Nintendo eShop on Wii U!


Study gameplay videos of NES classics, then take on tough, addictive NES stages that boil the games down to their very cores! Complete stages as quick as you can to earn up to three Stars per stage, open up tougher trials and put your gaming credentials on the line in Remix stages!

Remix stages may force even seasoned gamers to adjust their expectations. Can you beat challenges based on famous games, even when they’ve been altered in surprising new ways? Certain transformations are more drastic than others – some Remix stages feature a completely different main character, while others even take away some of your control!

Remixed Stages Include:

  • Sprite swap: Enemies, backgrounds and even your main character may take on a completely new look!
  • Muscle memory: Put faith in your skills and dash forth, even when your view is obscured!
  • Double up: Control multiple characters at once and avoid double the trouble!
  • Take control: Can you time your jumps perfectly when forward movement is out of your control?
  • Mirror image: Take on challenges in reverse when the screen is flipped – high score and all!
  • Zoom out: Maintain your focus as the action gets smaller – and the screens are duplicated!
  • Shadow play: Lurk in the shadows and find your way with outlines alone!

Featured Minigames Are:

  1. Balloon Fight
  2. Baseball
  3. Clu Clu Land
  4. Donkey Kong
  5. Donkey Kong Jr.
  6. Donkey Kong 3
  7. Excitebike
  8. Golf
  9. Ice Climber
  10. Mario Bros.
  11. Pinball
  12. Super Mario Bros.
  13. Tennis
  14. The Legend of Zelda
  15. Urban Champion
  16. Wrecking Crew

Intro: Game Center CX Special NES Remix Episode

Welcome to the NES Remix walkthrough!

As an introduction we’ve got Game Center CX Episode NC21 “NES Remix Edition”.

Game Center CX AKA Retro Game Master is a popular Japanese TV show that has been on the air for 10 years now. In the show comedian Shinya Arino challenges himself to beat classic video games within one day, mostly popular NES games (called Famicom games in Japan). But since these old school NES games often prove themselves extremely difficult to master, this inevitably leads to an amusing test wits as Arino gets increasingly frustrated with them. In this episode he will have 3 little kids as his challengers in a “Game Showdown with Children”!

Thanks to GamingCX for adding English subtitles to the special NES Remix episode*:

* Video note: Be sure to set the video quality to 720p HD quality to fully enjoy all the laughs!

Super Mario Bros. Stages 1-11 (3 Star Rainbow Rank)

Can you clear each level with a Rainbow Rank? In these challenges we’ll show you how to get a 3 Star Rank. Check out this video guide to see how you can also get Rainbow Stars.

For example, in Stage 1 you play as Invincible Mario to defeat all the enemies within the time limit. This is a stage that cannot be cleared by simply dashing through the level.

This guide shows stages 1-11 for the Super Mario Bros. section:

Timeline in minutes for the SMB Stages:

• 00:01 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 1
• 00:36 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 2
• 01:11 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 3
• 01:43 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 4
• 02:33 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 5
• 03:10 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 6
• 03:45 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 7
• 04:19 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 8
• 04:46 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 9
• 05:09 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 10
• 05:34 — Super Mario Bros. Stage 11

Super Mario Bros. Stages 12-23 (3 Star Rainbow Rank)

This guide shows stages 12-23 for the Super Mario Bros. section:

Work-In-Progress: More minigames coming as soon as they are available.

Thanks to Nintendo, GamingCX & Packattack for the walkthrough videos.

Do you need help anywhere? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section below. We’re here to help out!