Wasteland 2 Beta Walkthrough

13 December 2013
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Wasteland 2 Beta Walkthrough

This Wasteland 2 Beta walkthrough will guide you with strategy tips for the classic Fallout-style post-apocalyptic RPG on PC, Mac & Linux.

If you supported Wasteland 2 during its Kickstarter at $55+ or the $60 late backer pack, you’ll get access to the Beta. Access is obtained by logging into the Ranger Center to obtain the Steam key from the developers at InXile Entertainment. After the initial backers have tried out the game, it’ll also come to Steam Early Access for the rest of the Wasteland 2 supporters.

Table of Contents

Wasteland 2 Beta Walkthrough

As an introduction, here’s some basic information how to get started playing the Wasteland 2 Beta.

The Basics:

1. Launch the Game

2. Select New Game from the Main Menu

3. Create a Squad of up to four (4) Desert Rangers from pre-mades, or

4. Roll-your-own Rangers

a. Assign Attribute Points to Attributes
b. Assign Survival Points to Skills
c. You can spend up to 10 points in each Attribute or Skill, so choose wisely. You will not have enough points to obtain all skills
d. Skills are broken into three categories: COMBAT, KNOWLEDGE and GENERAL
e. Your custom Desert Rangers will arrive at Ranger Citadel with an appropriate weapon based on their highest COMBAT SKILL.
f. Additional Survival Points are earned with each Field Promotion and may be allocated to enhance an existing skill or learn a brand new one
g. Customize your Appearance, Portrait, Gender, Nationality, Religion, Smoking Preference and Biography
h. Save your custom Ranger for future plays

5. When your Ranger Squad is complete select Play Game

6. Speak with General Vargas about your first mission

Skills Info:

Once set, Attributes can only be enhanced by equipping special armor and trinkets you might stumble across during your travels through the Wasteland. Some Attributes can enhance specific Skills in addition to the combat bonuses they provide, and a handful of more advanced Skills and Skill Levels will only be available to Rangers with high values in certain Attributes.

Depending on the type of skill, it can be either passive or active. Generally, the descriptions will give you a sense of how each skill operates.

Passive skills will be checked in various situations. For example, Barter will globally reduce prices on goods you buy and give you better return rates for goods you sell. Active Skills need to be used in the specific situations to succeed in the skill check.

The hotkey bar on the bottom of the screen is unique to each party member and will contain any active skills you’ve trained in.

Many skills work on a relative difficulty system. The difference between the skill level of your character and the skill check of the obstacle is shown on screen. You’ll gain experience for successful skill uses and higher obstacle checks will yield more experience.

Conversational Keywords Skills are only used when in a conversation with an NPC. They will be active if your characters skill level is higher than the skill check. You can select different squad members to reply by selecting them from the party list during a conversation and the available Conversational Keyword Skill options will update to match the newly-selected squad member.

Movement Info:

Movement is defaulted to party movement. Right clicking in the world will cause your party to run to that location. You can change the movement mode to “individual” by hitting the spacebar or selecting the group/individual button on the HUD. Sometimes it is necessary to split up your party to complete difficult objectives or to set up for fights.

In party movement, you will have a leader selected for the group. Their portrait on the party list is larger than the rest. This is the party members whose skills are currently “active” and can be seen on the hotkey bar. They will also be the first to enter into conversations when you click to talk.

Companion NPCs:

You will find companions throughout the Wasteland. Some will ask to join while others you’ll need to convince. You can have up to 7 party members at any one point. To remove a CNPC squad member, you click on the Dismiss Button in that squad member’s inventory screen.

Recommended Specs:

These will change over the course of development as the game gets optimized.

• Windows 7/8
• 3.0 GHz i5
• 8 GB RAM
• Direct X 9.0c Compatible Video Card
• Direct X Compatible Sound Card
• 20 GB HD Space

Part 1: Character & Party Creation

Welcome to the Wasteland 2 Beta walkthrough! Milan will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas.

Part 2: World Map & Radio Tower

Part 3: Tower Area Cleansing

Part 4: Outer AG Center Area

Part 5: Saving Civilians

Wasteland 2 Beta Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Part 6: AG Center Basement.


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