Ridge Racer Slipstream Announced for Mobile

Ridge Racer Slipstream has been announced for Apple’s App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). The racing game is set for a December 2013 release. Drift, drive, dodge, dash, and dominate the track in the newest game from the series as it celebrates its 20th year!

Namco Bandai Games, creator of Pac-Man, Tekken & Soul Calibur, has announced that Ridge Racer Slipstream, the new mobile game in the Ridge Racer franchise, is coming to the App Store and Google Play this December. Bringing the series’ popular racing and drifting mechanics to a new racing engine for mobile and tablet devices, Ridge Racer Slipstream endeavors to raise the bar for one of the longest existing racing video game franchises.

Showcasing a brand new racing engine specifically developed for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, as well as Android smartphones and tablets, Ridge Racer Slipstream features numerous gameplay modes, challenging races and tracks, as well as amped up music. In addition to 20 unique racing tracks (10 tracks driven forward and backward, staying true to the franchise’s history), the game incorporates tons of vehicle mods allowing players to create their own dream machine. Players can also look forward to regularly-scheduled content in future updates, including an upcoming multiplayer mode.

Other highlights will include:

• The ability to personalize 12 unique vehicles with a variety of colors, rims, body kits and vinyls for more than 300 customization possibilities.

• A full-featured Career Mode and three different race types in Arcade Mode (Regular / Quick / Knockout Races).

• 108 different racing competitions across 6 Grand Prix Series – all in beautiful, high definition location.

Watch the first Ridge Racer Slipstream trailer here:

The PS4 launch was the first of any PlayStation console or handheld system in the past 19 years that did not launch with a Riiiiiiidge Racer game. So I hope they went all-out on this new mobile game to make up for that.

Frankly, porting these mobile games to the PS Vita, XBLA, PSN, 3DS & Wii U online stores should really become mandatory, if only because the 3DS, Wii U & PS Vita can all implement the same touch-screen technology for the mobile control scheme; and will be able to offer improved button controls.

Are you looking forward to Ridge Racer Slipstream?