Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Part 6: Tower of Hera

Objectives: Let’s start and complete the Tower of Hera while collecting all of the treasures chests.

Part 7: Master Sword

Objectives: In the following video guide we find another few Heart Pieces, rescue a man in the mountains, and ultimately enter the lost woods and obtain the Master Sword.

Part 8: Pegasus Boots & Minigames

Objectives: In this next video walkthrough we finally get the Pegasus boots from the thief. We also collect a number of heart pieces while playing some minigames and race events. After that, Link heads to the castle and finally breaks the barrier with the Master Sword.

Work-In-Progress: More dungeons & levels coming as soon as they are available.

Thanks to Nintendo & Packattack for the walkthrough videos.

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