Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

Our 100% complete Zelda: A Link Between Worlds walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this open world action-adventure on the Nintendo 3DS exclusively.

Two worlds collide in an all-new adventure set in the world of Super NES classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. In this newly spun tale, Link transforms into a living painting to cross into a dark, parallel dimension mirroring Hyrule that’s called Lorule. Conquer the puzzles, traps, and hidden rooms of deadly dungeons to save both worlds from certain doom!

Let’s start the Zelda: A Link Between Worlds walkthrough with an introduction video!

Please note that viewers must be at least age 3-7 to watch, in America & Europe respectively. This game includes Fantasy Violence.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough

About The Game.

For decades, The Legend of Zelda has been entertaining fans with its unique blend of swashbuckling action and role playing adventure. Now, the world of Link returns on the Nintendo 3DS family of handhelds.

One 1992 release, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, introduced Super NES gamers to a whole new story that took place in the kingdom of Hyrule. In this handheld sequel, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds continues this tale – while bringing some unique new elements to the fore.

Thanks to the stereoscopic 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS system, there’s a new layer of depth to the world of the game that allows you to experience Link’s adventures like never before. In the past, it may have been tricky to tell the difference between different floor levels, but now they are crystal clear, giving more realism to battle sequences and dungeon exploration!

When you play The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, you’ll not only encounter deadly dungeons and the usual epic landscapes of the series, but incredible puzzles to test your brain. As you negotiate the terrain, you’ll also be able to move Link across walls as if he were painted on them, changing the perspective completely and allowing you to think about your next move in a whole new dimension.

The Game World.


This adventure is set in the same world as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, though there are all-new dungeons, puzzles and more! The vast reaches of the kingdom of Hyrule are home to a great lake, mysterious desert, vast mountain range, deep forest, quaint village, and spectacular waterfall – all of which will be familiar to those who’ve played the Super NES classic!

Just like in the Super NES classic, there’s another world to explore. In this case it’s a dark world called Lorule, which is a twisted version of Hyrule that is sliding into evil. While the surroundings of Hyrule will be familiar to fans of the Super NES game, Lorule is completely new and has its own history, ready for discovery.

Throughout Hyrule and Lorule you’ll come across strange glowing fissures that Link can walk into when he’s in the form of a painting: portals that allow you to move back and forth between Hyrule and Lorule whenever you like!


On your quest you’ll need to brave deep, dark dungeons. Crawling with enemies, and packed with brainteasing puzzles (not to mention beastly bosses), these places require a bit of savvy, a lot of not-so-common sense, and some top-notch combat skills if you mean to come out the other side intact! And this time around you can take on dungeons in the order you choose, by renting or buying whichever items you like from Ravio’s Shop.


As you travel around the worlds of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, you’ll probably come across some odd requests. Whether it’s collecting babies for a giant snail, playing an unusual game of baseball or dodging Cuccos, there’s a sidequest for everyone! Although not strictly necessary to finish the game, completing these optional side quests will net you precious rewards – and are fun! – so why not let yourself be distracted for a while?


Both in dungeons and out in the worlds, you’ll come across puzzles everywhere. Be they tests of logic, observation, or memory, these challenges to your mental prowess will inevitably get you something good – so switch on that brain before you head out on an adventure!


The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds lets you experience a modernised 3D twist on the classic top-down 2D perspective from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Nintendo 3DS delivers 60 frames per second and immersive 3D, to provide seamless, super-smooth visuals.

The 3D effect gives real depth to the world, enhancing your experience and making puzzles that involve heights even more clear and intuitive to navigate.

Brought to life in 3D, this beloved, top-down world is the perfect backdrop for a sweeping new tale. Dungeons sink deep below the screen as Link and his attacks pop out, highlighting the nonstop action. The pace is faster than ever, especially since you can swap items on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen. Shoot an arrow, toss a boomerang, bomb a wall, then merge into a painting to slide between two worlds — all in a matter of seconds. With gameplay, visuals, and controls this smooth and consistent, no Zelda adventure has ever been so action-packed.

New Gameplay.


After the initial encounters with Yuga, you gain the power to turn into a living, walking painting on the wall! Using this new ability you can overcome obstacles and approach puzzles in completely new ways. You can slip in and out of buildings through cracks, stow away on moving blocks to get to higher levels, or even walk through cracks between worlds! Just watch out for your Energy Gauge – it will slowly deplete while Link is in this form. Keep your eyes peeled for areas where this new power will solve a puzzle, or save the day!


Gear: It’s dangerous to go alone, so make sure you take this, and this, and this! The world is fraught with danger, and you can lay your mitts on a bunch of different gear that’ll help keep you safe and sound, from armour to swords and shields! Check in at the Touch Screen to select the best Gear for your current task.

Items: Ravio’s is your one-stop shop for all kinds of tip-top items; rent or buy, as your tastes (and wallet) dictate!

– Bow; Fire projectiles from a safe distance with the bow; ping and fling to damage enemies or set off switches.

– Tornado Rod; Up, up and away! Use this staff to be lifted into the air, or unleash the power of the wind on your surroundings!

– Boomerang; Dizzy certain baddies, set off switches, or snag Rupees and hearts with this eternally-returning item!

– Fire Rod; Hot stuff! Conjure forth a pillar of flame with a wave of this fearsome rod.

– Hammer; Crack tiles with this, or squish down certain platforms to use them as a springboard and get higher up… Try giving lots of different things a smack!

– Hookshot; Fire this projectile-grappling-hook gizmo at wooden planks or monsters! Let loose the hook, and swing!


In The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds there’s no need to find items or weapons in dungeons before you can proceed!

After helping Link out, eager little retailer Ravio sets up shop in Link’s house, and there you can rent or buy all kinds of items that are sure to be useful in your adventure. From bombs to bows, Thunder Rods to Hookshots, you can choose what you want to rent when – giving you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you choose.

Buying items is a pricey business, but if you’re defeated in a dungeon with items you’ve purchased they stay in your inventory, whereas rental items cunningly wing their way back to Ravio. What’s more, you can upgrade items you’ve bought, which you simply can’t do when you rent ‘em!


Enable StreetPass to receive Shadow Link challenges from other players – clones of that player’s Link. These pop up randomly during your game once you’ve activated StreetPass and you can take on a challenge by talking to a Shadow Link and accepting! There are 50 different challenges to conquer and doing so might have a surprising result… But be careful, you can only use the items you’ve currently got selected during the battle, so think ahead!

To enable StreetPass, head over to Gramps in Kakariko Village. You can check back with him whenever you play to see if there are any boards around – they will have clues as to the locations of Shadow Links in your game.


There are all kinds of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered, if you just know where to look… break pots, chop down long grass, defeat enemies to see what goodies they drop, and explore everywhere you can!

– Rupees; These attractive gems are the main currency in your adventure, and since you’ll be spending loads of them to rent or purchase items, you’ll want to be high-rolling in Hyrule! Make sure you pick them up whenever you can.

– Recovery Hearts; The line of hearts that shows along the bottom of the 3D Screen represents your life energy. You can refill your life energy by picking up Recovery Hearts and should keep your eyes peeled for Pieces of Heart: nab four of these to add a new Heart Container to the line on screen. Of course, if you do something really brilliant you might just find a Heart Container that adds one more heart to your total straight away!

– Bees; Yep, you read right: bees. There’s a lovely old geezer who goes gaga for these! Get yourself a net and bag as many as you can for a reward.

– Lost Maiamai; These slippery little snail-folk are lost all over the worlds – bring them back to the mother snail and she’ll reward you with an item upgrade for something you’ve purchased. Nice!


At some point in your adventure, you might run across some mysterious Hint Glasses. These allow you to spot Hint Ghosts once you’ve donned them, and these Hint Ghosts will give you game hints in return for Play Coins. Walking around with your Nintendo 3DS system is the way to stack up Play Coins, so be sure to keep it with you wherever you go!

The Music.

The Music of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Get a preview of Hilda’s Theme, Ravio’s Theme, and Yuga’s Theme.

What’s New.

While it’s set in the world of a Super NES classic, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds on Nintendo 3DS is a brand new game, with new powers, new puzzles and new challenges.


This title gives you even greater choice in how you’ll progress. Just like the other games in the series, you’ll tackle challenging dungeons on your quest… but from a certain point, the order in which you approach each dungeon – and the way you do so – is entirely up to you!

• IN 3D!

Nintendo 3DS provides gorgeous 3D images that bring greater depth to your adventures. Puzzles involving heights are more intuitive, and the game world becomes even more absorbing and alive!


At Ravio’s Shop, you can rent or purchase items (like the Hookshot, bow or hammer) that will help you on your way. Many of these items will be available near the beginning of your adventure, and it’s up to you to decide which items to rent or buy, depending on which dungeon you’d like to take on next. Purchase items if you’d like to upgrade them!


With the ability to transform into a painting and walk on walls, you can approach obstacles in puzzles in a completely new fashion. Collect hearts and Rupees drawn on the wall, enter cracks in walls to move Link between worlds, and look for areas where you’d ordinarily come to a dead end, but as a painting… well, you’ll see!


The retro-inspired graphical style makes a respectful nod to the SNES classic, but offers an up-to-the-minute look, realised at a smooth 60 frames per second.


Exchange StreetPass data with other players and the next time you play, Shadow Link will be waiting somewhere in your game world – with a wicked thirst for a fight. Beat him to claim a nice reward! There are 50 StreetPass challenges to complete – are you up to the task?

Key Game Features:

  • An all-new adventure in the world of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.
  • Become a living painting to slide within walls and between two dimensions at war.
  • Sink into the classic, top-down world of Zelda with 3D visuals at 60 FPS.
  • Easily swap inventory items on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen.

Frequently Asked Questions: World Maps & Boss Fights

Question: What are all the universes in the game?

Answer: Here’s a gallery showing both Hyrule and Lorule maps from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, as well as the original world map from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

Question: Who are all the main characters in the game?


• LINK — The brave hero of our adventure. This green-garbed fellow has heaps of courage, a good heart, and will stop at nothing to put the world to rights!

• PRINCESS ZELDA — The Princess of Hyrule. She is wise, kind and beloved by her people.

• YUGA — An evil wizard who is hunting down the descendants of the seven sages and turning them into paintings. His dastardly plans must be thwarted!

• RAVIO — A helpful chap who helps Link out… and then sets up a shop in Link’s house. He gives our hero a magical bracelet that offers protection from Yuga’s evil spells. Just who is he anyway?

• PRINCESS HILDA — Hilda is the Princess of Lorule, the dark and twisted version of Hyrule. Link will encounter her later in the game, when she comes to his assistance in a time of need.

• OTHER CHARACTERS — You’re sure to meet plenty of weird and wonderful characters on your journey, and some of them may even ask for your assistance. If you help them out, something good might happen! Make sure you talk to everyone you meet, juuuuuust in case…

Question: How to beat all the boss fights in the game?

Answer: This video guide show how to take down the bosses in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds one by one. Check out the boss fights, both new and old!

Part 1: Link & Zelda

Welcome to the Zelda: A Link Between Worlds walkthrough! Pack will be your guide showing you around the game’s many areas with the goal to reach 100% completion.

Story Introduction: “Many years ago, a great evil by the name of Ganon was sealed away by the seven sages… Today, a dark threat emerges in the land of Hyrule: a wizard called Yuga is seeking out the descendants of those seven sages, turning them into paintings, and spiriting them away! But to what end?

Our hero, Link, encounters Yuga and watches in horror as Seres, the local priest’s daughter, and a descendant of the sages, is transformed into a painting. Attacking Yuga, Link is knocked out cold. Awakening in his home, he meets Ravio, a travelling merchant, who gives him a seemingly worthless bracelet…

Link discovers Yuga’s devilish plans by talking to some of the village elders and goes after the evil wizard, only to be turned into a painting himself! Suddenly, the mysterious bracelet from Ravio absorbs Yuga’s spell, restoring Link to normal and giving him the power to become a living painting at will!

Yuga’s evil continues… he seals Hyrule Castle and vanishes into another world! It becomes clear that only the power of the seven sages can overcome such wickedness, so Link must venture out on an epic journey full of combat, puzzles, and exploration to release the trapped sages, and save Hyrule!”

Objectives: This part covers the introduction to the game, and the first 30 minutes of gameplay right up to the Eastern Palace.

Part 2: Eastern Palace (All Treasures)

Objectives: This part covers the entire Eastern Palace and shows how to get every treasure chest. The boss of this palace is Yuga. After defeating Yuga Link gains the ability to merge into walls.

Part 3: Zora’s Flippers (Heart Pieces)

Objectives: In this part we meet the Zora’s and find out that the Queen Oren is desperately in need of having the smooth gem returned to her. That sets us on a quest to find the gem. Along the way we pick up a 3 heart pieces as well as a two bottles. After finding and returning the smooth gem, Oren rewards Link with the Zora’s flippers which give us access to the next dungeon called ‘House of Gales’.

Part 4: House of Gales (All Treasures)

Objectives: In this part of the game we start and complete the House of Gales while collecting all of the treasure chests. Defeating the boss of this dungeon earns Link the Pendant of Wisdom.

Part 5: Power Glove

Objectives: In this area we find a bottle with a message in it, locate a few heart pieces as well as obtain the Power Glove. With the Power Glove in hand Link heads up Death Mountain to our next dungeon called the “Tower of Hera”.

Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Part 6: Tower of Hera.