Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Cheats

Looking for Zelda: A Link Between Worlds cheats on 3DS? Here we’ll list Zelda: A Link Between Worlds cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo’s new open world action-adventure game.

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Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Cheats

How To Unlock Hero Mode

To unlock the new Hero Mode, you have to complete the game’s story once on at least the normal difficulty level. Hero Mode is a harder difficulty mode where enemies deal out quadruple damage. Damage times 4, wow! As a bonus, there’s a small hidden extra waiting to be found in Lorule when you visit Link’s House (Ravio’s Diary).

How To Unlock The Great Spin Sword Attack

Did you know that your sword’s Spin Attack has a more powerful mode? The Great Spin Attack upgrade has a twice as wide radius when used and is more powerful. Perform the move by holding down the B button to charge the sword and then releasing the B button to spin.

But to upgrade to the Great Spin Attack move, you’ll have to collect all 100 Baby Maiamais and return them to Mother Maiamai. As a bonus, for each 10 you’ll find you’ll get to upgrade 1 of the 9 items from Rovio’s Shop. To find all the Maiamai babies, check out our complete “Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Maiamai Locations Guide“.

Hyrule Race Cheat For An Easy Heart Piece

Here’s an easy to perform cheat to win the Hyrule Race with a shortcut:

First, unlock these three: Skull Woods Save point, Miner’s House Crack, and the Lorule Crack that is next to the starting point point of the race.

Second, when you start the race quickly wall merge and go to Lorule at the crack nearby, then summon the broom and warp to the Skull woods, make your selection quick as time will continue to tick down. Walk down South east out of the wood and proceed to the ruined miner’s building in Lorule and slip in between the bars to gain entry and re-emerge in the Miner’s House. Exit quickly and head north to the finish line.

The result, if you’re walking you can get a Hyrule Race time of 55 seconds, and by walking with the Pegasus Boots on you can get an even faster race time of around 45 seconds.

Credits: LucarioPlayer, ChrisJonze, Windtalgia, DBM11085 & Rahsoldain.

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