Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough

27 November 2013
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Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough

World 6

The sixth World is Cloud World.

World 7 / World Castle

The seventh World is the lava-filled Castle World.

World 8 / World Bowser

The eight World is the amusement park themed Bowser World.
How To Unlock The Final Level: You’ll need to find at least 170 Green Stars to unlock the boss of World 8.

World 9 / World Star

The ninth World is the first Special World, Star World.
How To Unlock: It’s unlocked by completing World 1 to World Bowser, and then taking the Sprixie Princesses Rocket in World 1.

Tip: Complete level Star-2 to unlock Rosalina as the 5th playable character in the game.

World 10 / World Mushroom

The tenth World is the second Special World, Mushroom World.
How To Unlock: The Rocket to access this new World is unlocked by completing all nine levels in World Mushroom.

Super Mario 3D World Walkthrough continues on Page 3 with World 11.


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