Super Mario 3D World Stamps Locations Guide

World 11 / World Flower Stamps

The eleventh World is the third Special World, Flower World.

How To Unlock: The path to access this new World is unlocked by completing all seven levels in World Mushroom.

Find all the Stamps in World Flower with this 100% complete locations guide for Super Mario 3D World! This includes World Flower-1, Flower-2, Flower-3, Flower-4, Flower-5, Flower-6, Flower-7, Flower-8, Flower-9, Flower-10, Flower-11, Flower-12.

World 12 / World Crown Stamps

The twelfth World is the fourth Special World, Crown World.

How To Unlock: It’s unlocked by finding all prior Green Stars & Stamps, and getting all the Gold Flagpoles (by touching the top of every level’s flagpole) in the game.

Find the Stamp in the final special World Crown-Crown Champion’s Road with this 100% complete locations guide for Super Mario 3D World!

Finally we have the last Stamp at the end of this level. Here’s the successful completion of the final Mystery Box level, Mystery Box Marathon, in Super Mario 3D World’s Special Crown World. If you’re having trouble with this super hard level, let this be your guide!

There you go! All Stamps in Super Mario 3D World are yours! 🙂

Huge thanks to Nintendo & Andre for the guide videos and tips.

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