Super Mario 3D World Cheats

27 November 2013
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Super Mario 3D World Cheats

Looking for Super Mario 3D World cheats on Wii U? Here we’ll list Super Mario 3D World cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Nintendo’s new platformer game.

Take a look at the cheats below…

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Super Mario 3D World Cheats

Infinite Lives Trick

Location: “World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave”

The infinite 1UPS trick is back like it is in every Mario game!

First, take the bottom underground path in World 1-2: Koopa Troopa Cave.
Second, grab a Koopa Troopa’s shell and put it down between two walls of the small path into the back of the cave.
That way you kick its side by jumping on the top-side of the shell — first it’ll hit you and make you small but you need that to happen — so the shell will then keep bouncing back and forth between the two walls. While that’s happening, for as long as you’re also continuously jumping on the shell (after a while it’s automatic) it’ll first start giving you points, which then turn into infinite lives. You can get the maximum of 1,110 lives in a few minutes, wow!

How To Unlock The Luigi Bros. 2D Game

On Super Mario 3D World’s title screen bottom-left corner you can unlock the Luigi Bros. 2D game. It’s a Luigi-themed version of the original Mario Bros. arcade & NES game!

Unlock Method #1: You must have a Super Luigi U savegame on the Wii U console that you’re currently playing Super Mario 3D World on.

Unlock Method #2: You must finish Worlds 1 to 8 of Super Mario 3D World.

How To Unlock Playable Rosalina

Location: In World 1 — after beating Bowser in World 8 — the Sprixies will build you a rocket to go to the Star World

You can unlock Rosalina (the 5th playable character with a Spin Attack special move) in Super Mario 3D World by completing “World Star-2: Super Galaxy”.

How To Find The Gold Train

Want to find where the Gold Train bonus level full of coins and 1-Ups is in Super Mario 3D World? This video guide will show you how to unlock it.

Location: Take the underground pipe at the bottom of the World 5 map. You get taken to an island with 2 hidden underground pipes, activate the top one to make the pipe appear and get taken to the Gold Train island where you get to ride the train once, so grab all you can while you can!

Super Mario 3D World Tips

This official Nintendo video shows you some unlockables and tips for Super Mario 3D World. Enjoy!

See 4 Different Title Screens

While you’re on Super Mario 3D World’s title screen (the first screen when you start the game) you should wait a few minutes and then the game will switch over to show you 4 different title screens.

Unlock 4 Extra Worlds

There are 4 post-game Worlds! Some of these Worlds have other unlock requirements, such as finding all Green Stars, Stamps & Gold Flagpoles in the game. Not surprising since you already need 170 Green Stars to unlock the boss of World 8.

World Star: Unlocked by completing World 1 to World Bowser, and then taking the Sprixie Princesses Rocket in World 1.
World Mushroom: Unlocked by completing all nine levels in World Mushroom, and then taking the Rocket to the next World.
World Flower: Unlocked by completing all seven levels in World Mushroom, and then taking the path to the next World.
World Crown: Unlocked by finding all Green Stars & Stamps, and getting all of the game’s Gold Flagpoles. You can touch the top of every level’s flagpole easily by using the Catsuit to climb to the top.

Unlocking all 4 Worlds is shown in this video:

How To Get 5 Shiny Stars On Your Save File

To get 5 shiny stars on your save file, you’re going to have to unlock pretty much everything in Super Mario 3D World.

To clear 100% of the game, you’ll have to do the following:
• Defeat Bowser (finish Bowser’s Castle level) in World 8 AKA Bowser World,
• Find all the Green Stars from World 1 up to the special Flower World,
• Find all the Stamps from World 1 up to the special Flower World,
• Get all of the game’s Gold Flagpoles; You can touch the top of every level’s flagpole easily by using the Catsuit to climb to the top,
• All 5 playable characters must complete every level in the game. Check below for a trick to replay the game only twice instead of 5 times.*

After all that go back to the save file selection screen to see 5 stars on your save file! Congrats!

* Instead of 5 times with a different character each time, here’s a trick to only play twice:

How To Win At the Slot Machine

Here’s a trick to winning every time at the slot machines in Super Mario 3D World.

It’s simple: Jump on the blocks feeling the rhythm of the music as the beats play.

That’s all the Super Mario 3D World cheats on Wii U for now. We also made the handy Super Mario 3D World guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Discoveries made by: Nintendo, TWD98, Andre & TimePahria.

Do you know of any Super Mario 3D World cheats or unlockables?
Let us know in the comments, you’ll get credit for finding out. – Thanks for visiting!


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