Killer Instinct Classic Achievements Guide

22 November 2013
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Killer Instinct Classic Achievements Guide

The Killer Instinct Classic achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One fighting game port and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 30 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One game.

Index of Killer Instinct Guides:

Killer Instinct Classic Achievements Guide


1. My First Ultra (20G) — Perform an ultra

2. Mildly Embarassing (20G) — Perform a humiliation

This video guide shows with voice-over tips and on-screen button presses when to perform a Humiliation finishing moveset (right, right, right & RT) at the end of a match upon defeating your opponent.

3. Support Your Local Arcade (40G) — Spend 400 credits

4. All Hail the Chief! (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Chief Thunder

5. Blaze of Glory (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Cinder

6. Termination (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Fulgore

7. Frostburn (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Glacius

8. Tiger’s Fury (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Jago

9. Deadly Grace (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Orchid

10. Jurassic Bite (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Riptor

11. Feral Strength (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Sabrewulf

12. Ancient Power (20G) — Win 40 Matches with Spinal

13. Rapid Jabs (20G) — Win 40 Matches with TJ Combo

14. Monster Mash (20G) — Get a Perfect in Arcade with Spinal, Riptor and Sabrewulf

15. Sammamish (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Chief Thunder

16. Inferno (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Cinder

17. Laser Storm (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Fulgore

18. Cold Shoulder (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Glacius

19. Endokuken (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Jago

20. Lasaken (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Orchid

21. Rampage (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Riptor

22. Howl (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Sabrewulf

23. Power Devour (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with Spinal

24. Rollercoaster (40G) — Defeat Eyedol with TJ Combo

25. Ultratech Employee of the Month (80G) — Defeat Eyedol with all the characters

26. Thrifty (80G) — Defeat Eyedol using only one credit

27. Shameless (40G) — Humiliate every character in the game

28. Around the World (40G) — Perform an ultra with every character in the game

29. Film Critic (40G) — See all Victory Animations and Endings

30. World Tour (20G) — Win a match in every arena

Special thanks to Microsoft & Lucas for the tips list & guide video.

Please comment if you have any Killer Instinct Classic achievement unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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