Killer Instinct 2013 Cheats

22 November 2013
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Killer Instinct 2013 Cheats

Looking for Killer Instinct 2013 cheats on Xbox One? Here we’ll list Killer Instinct 2013 cheat codes and unlockables with tips for Microsoft’s new fighting game.

Take a look at the cheats below…

Index of Killer Instinct 2013 Guides:

Killer Instinct 2013 Cheats

How To Unlock All Stages, Skins, Taunts & More

At the start of the game, the in-game unlockable stages, alternate character skins, taunts, accessories & more are locked. You have to unlock them by buying them from the in-game “KI Store” using KP (Killer Points) in their respective sections of the store. KP is received in-game for winning matches.

Here’s a KI Store video that shows you where to find the store in-game & what’s inside:

How To Get All Characters

Since the “Round One” base game only comes with Jago as a playable characters per Microsoft’s new free-to-play model, that means you’ll have to pay to unlock all 8 characters. To do this, buy Killer Instinct’s “Combo Breaker Pack” for $19.99, “Ultra Edition” for $39.99, or the “Pin Ultimate Edition” for $59.99.

The 8 characters you’ll unlock once one of those 3 DLC packs is downloaded are: Jago, Orchid, Glacius, Sabrewulf, Thunder, and Sadira. From the last two characters, Spinal doesn’t arrive until January 2014, and Fulgore will arrive last in March 2014. Those are the “Season One” DLC, with more character expected for purchase in “Season Two”.

How To Unlock Arcade Mode

At launch there’s no story Arcade Mode in the game, it will arrive in March 2014 as part of the paid “Season One” DLC.

How To Unlock The Killer Instinct Classic Arcade Game

With the Ultra Edition you get the Killer Instinct Classic Arcade game. In-game 100% download the “Ultra Edition” or “Pin Ultimate Edition” (it’ll show up in a new content search at startup), exit to Home and fully quit the Killer Instinct game from the menu. Then relaunch the game to activate the Killer Instinct Classic game and you’re done! You can even Pin it to your menu, so you can jump right into the classic game for future play sessions.

Here’s the super excited KI trailer that first revealed Killer Instinct Classic:

Tips from the Creators

Take a look at the new Killer Instinct in a stage demo from the game’s creators, who give gameplay tips and additional info about the game.

There are no Killer Instinct 2013 cheats on Xbox One yet, DLC replaced it. But we also made the handy Killer Instinct 2013 guides listed above to help you with tips and tricks for the game!

Do you know of any Killer Instinct 2013 cheats or unlockables?
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