Killer Instinct 2013 Characters List

22 November 2013
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Killer Instinct 2013 Characters List

The Killer Instinct 2013 characters list shows there are many returning favorites, 2 new characters, and the game will keep adding new characters in 2014!

Prices: Jago is free in the “Round One Pack” as part of Microsoft’s free-to-play model for Killer Instinct, each following character costs $5/€5; Or you can get a discount by buying all characters at once in the “Combo Breaker Pack” for $20/€20, or get all the characters in the “Ultra Edition Pack” that adds all costumes/accessories & Killer Instinct Classic on top at a cost of $40/€40.

Index of Killer Instinct 2013 Pages:

Killer Instinct 2013 Characters List

This list of confirmed playable characters looks slim but great so far, 6 will be available at launch on November 22, 2013 with the final 2 of the 8 “Season One” DLC characters rolling out next year; starting with Spinal in January 2014 and finishing the “Season One” DLC with Fulgore in March 2014. — “Season Two” DLC is rumored but expected in late 2014.

The complete list of Killer Instinct 2013 characters may grow as more characters are confirmed and added here.

Returning Characters in the “Season One” DLC:

1. Fulgore
2. Glacius
3. Jago
4. Orchid
5. Sabrewulf
6. Spinal
7. Thunder

New Characters in the “Season One” DLC:

8. Sadira
9. Shadow Jago

Rumored Characters for the “Season Two” DLC:

• Cinder
• Kim Wu
• Maya
• Riptor
• T.J. Combo
• Tusk
• New Character #3?
• New Character #4?

Who do you want added to Killer Instinct 3?

The Killer Instinct launch trailer shows the main Killer Instinct 2013 characters in action:

Who are your favorite Killer Instinct 2013 characters?


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