Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough

21 November 2013
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Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough

Our Ryse: Son of Rome walkthrough will guide you through the beginning to ending moments of gameplay with strategy tips for this hack ‘n slash action-adventure game on the Xbox One. Played on “Centurion” difficulty mode.

Ryse: Son of Rome tells the story of Marius Titus who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarians. Seeking revenge, Marius joins the Roman army in Britannia and quickly rises through the ranks to become a General. As his war against the barbarians escalates, his quest unravels: to find his vengeance, he has to return to Rome.

Let’s start the Ryse: Son of Rome walkthrough with a story introduction video!

Please note that viewers must be at least 18 to watch, so no harm comes to those with innocent eyes. This game includes Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Partial Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language. The downloadable version of this game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese.

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Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough

Ryse: Son of Rome plunges you into the chaos and depravity of the late Roman Empire. Through the immersive realism made possible by Xbox One, you’ll become Roman Soldier Marius Titus and embark on a perilous campaign to avenge the death of your family and restore honor to Rome. You’ll engage in brutal combat and lead your forces into massive battles to save Rome from threats to its very existence.

Marius Titus is a fearless Roman soldier tasked with defending Rome from the growing threat of invading barbarian tribes, who he has sworn vengeance against for murdering his family. However, in order to save Rome and achieve his personal retribution, he must confront not only the savage hordes, but also the corruption that has poisoned the empire he has sworn to protect.

In addition to a gripping tale of revenge, Ryse: Son of Rome also features Gladiator mode. In MultiPlayer mode, become a gladiator and enter the coliseum to fight side-by-side in dynamic environments against an ever-changing array of enemies. Step into the iconic Colosseum of Rome and battle, either solo or alongside a fellow gladiator on Xbox Live, for fame, fortune and the adoration of the crowd. Earn gold to purchase new weapons, armor and in-game items, and forge your legacy in blood and steel upon the sands of the arena.

Key Game Features Are:

  • Cinematic immersion in the Roman Empire — Ryse: Son of Rome presents a cinematic recreation of the Roman Empire in breathtaking detail, from the northern reaches of Britannia, to the coliseum and the very heart of Rome.
  • Brutally realistic combat — The brutality and intensity of Roman warfare are brought to life in visceral detail, thrusting the player into the chaos of close-quarters combat, where you can see and feel the emotion on your opponent’s face.
  • Embark on a journey of revenge, betrayal and divine intervention — Ryse: Son of Rome tells the story of a young Roman soldier, who witnesses the murder of his family at the hands of barbarian bandits, then travels with the Roman army to Britannia to see revenge. Quickly rising through the ranks, he leads the Roman army against the barbarian horde, then discovers that he must return to Rome to find his vengeance.
  • Gladiatorial glory — Rome is synonymous with the Coliseum and its epic gladiatorial battles, and in online MultiPlayer Ryse will plunge you into this brutal world. Take on the guise of a gladiator and enter the Coliseum to fight side-by-side against an everchanging array of enemies, in dynamic environments, to the roar of thousands of spectators.
  • Full Xbox SmartGlass integration — With the ability to deep link directly into the campaign and launch from Xbox SmartGlass, players can jump directly into the experience. Game DVR lets you review and share the best experiences from your game directly from your tablet. A context-sensitive achievement and help guide will help you unlock secrets along the way, with tips that are synched to your location and situation. This Xbox SmartGlass integration provides curated help and hints at any time with a context-sensitive guide.
  • Command and fight with Kinect — When in formations, optional voice commands allow you to direct attacks and encourage your troops, while motivational cries can turn the tide of a mass battle by rallying troops or focusing attacks.
  • The power of Xbox One & new CryENGINE — The power of Xbox One enables realistic characters with incredibly detailed facial animations and expressions. New CryENGINE delivers stunning visuals at a scale never before seen on a console. New cloth and hair physics are combined with staggeringly smooth animation to ensure every move you make feels more authentic. Reflections on weapons and armor react to tiny dents and changing light conditions, while the refraction of light through water adds to the sense of realism.
  • Combat techniques & ranged combat — Master sophisticated combat techniques to vary attacks and confront multiple enemies, and finish your foes with one of over a hundred brutal final moves. Engage in devastating ranged combat using pilums and ballistae.
  • The Colosseum’s & mastery of deadly moves — The Colosseum’s dynamically changing arena will test your ability to prevail as you are confronted with punishing battlefields and landscapes filled with deadly traps and obstacles. Display your mastery of deadly moves to earn prestige and please the roaring crowd of spectators. Perform well to earn additional gold. Bore them and be pelted with rotten fruits. Redeem gold for weaponry and armor with bonus attributes.

The Main Characters Are:

  • Marius Titus – The hero of “Ryse: Son of Rome,” Marius is a young soldier with a strong sense of duty who is completely dedicated to Rome and her ideals. Initially eager to fight against Rome’s enemies and expand the Empire, he soon realizes that Rome is vulnerable to an even more insidious threat than the barbarians he faces on the battlefield. Ever loyal to Rome, he resolves to rid the Empire of her true enemies.
  • Vitallion – A wise and charismatic general who has served Rome for decades, Vitallion has fought in many campaigns and serves as a mentor to Marius. As events transpire he begins to wonder if duty has its limits, and whether self-restraint is always the correct course of action.
  • Nero – Nero, Emperor of Rome, struggles to maintain his grip on power. He promotes his two sons Commodus and Basillius to powerful positions, letting them take control of the rebellious province of Britannia. Nero feels threaten by all potential rivals and exacts ruthless retribution against anyone who crosses him.
  • Commodus and Basillius – As governor of Britannia, Nero’s eldest son, Commodus, sees himself as a god, and the people of Britannia as his subjects. His reign is characterized by brutal repression. Nero’s youngest son, Basillius, enjoys anything carnal or cruel. At the Colosseum he delights in watching gladiators kill each other, and lords over the terrified slaves he keeps in his harem in the bowels of the structure.
  • Boudica – The daughter of King Oswald, the ruler of the Britons. Strong and resilient, Boudica hates Rome, and with good reason: under Roman rule, her people are made to suffer horribly. When her father faces horrific retribution from a perceived insult, it galvanizes Boudica and she rallies her people to rise against their oppressors. Boudica is a principled woman and has the will to go to the ends of the world to save her people.
  • Oswald – Benevolent king of the Britons. He leads a rebellion against the tyrannical rule of Rome, but when the Romans brutally repress the rebels, Oswald submits to Roman dominance in hopes this will spare his people. His naivety leaves him vulnerable to the Romans.
  • Glott – Enigmatic leader of the Northern barbarians, rumored to be more beast than man. Very little is known about him except that he is fiercely independent and will make war on both the Romans and Oswald’s tribe.
  • The Spirit Gods – Immortal spirit, one who watches over humanity, guides Marius. She appears in mortal form, but radiates an otherworldly aura. Another – known in mortal form as Aquilo – seeks the destruction of Rome and allies himself with her enemies.

Co-Op Colosseum Match

Ryse: Son of Rome’s design director, P.J. Esteves, talks about the theatrical co-op experience that awaits you in the Colosseum.

This video guide shows off the game’s Multiplayer Gladiator Mode.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Welcome to the Ryse: Son of Rome walkthrough! Jay will be your voice-over commentator showing you around the game’s areas.

Protip: Before you start playing Ryse: Son of Rome, download the SmartGlass app for the game’s second screen experience! You can get the app for free at the Apple iTunes store for iOS devices, and at the Google Play store for Android devices. — It helps you to unlock secrets along the way, manage your character/inventory/upgrades, and provides synchronized tips as you play the game.
Note that you’re free to use more than one SmartGlass device as well, like a smart phone, Surface, and other mobile devices; in which case each one can run different parts of the UI system simultaneously.

The first chapter serves as your introduction to the 36.96 GB game.

Amidst the chaos of the late Roman Empire, become soldier Marius Titus and embark on a perilous campaign to avenge the death of your family and defend the honor of Rome.

• Complete The Beginning on any difficulty to unlock the “I Have A Story To Tell” achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

Chapter 2: S.P.Q.R.

The rest of Ryse will show pro gameplay by XCV on the hardest Centurion difficulty mode.

• Complete S.P.Q.R. on any difficulty to unlock the “I Will Avenge You, Father” achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

Chapter 3: Trial By Fire

• Complete Trial By Fire on any difficulty to unlock the “Saving Private Marius” achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

Chapter 4: The King

• Complete The King on any difficulty to unlock the “Trouble In Sherwood Forest” achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

Chapter 5: Edge of the World

• Complete Edge Of The World on any difficulty to unlock the “Heart of Darkness” achievement worth 30 Gamerscore.

Ryse: Son of Rome Walkthrough continues on Page 2 with Chapter 6: Pax Romana.


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