Dead Rising 3 Achievements Guide

21 November 2013
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Dead Rising 3 Achievements Guide

The Dead Rising 3 achievements guide lists every achievement for this Xbox One survival-horror game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 52 Achievements (0 Secret) with a total of 1,000 Gamerscore points to earn in the Xbox One game.

Index of Dead Rising 3 Guides:

Dead Rising 3 Achievements Guide


1. Planner (15G) — Collect 5 blueprints.

Here’s a Dead Rising 3 blueprints locations guide to find the first 5 blueprints:

2. Journeyman (20G) — Collect 25 blueprints.

3. Collector (5G) — Pick up 250 different weapons.

4. Fashion Plate (5G) — Collect 100 different clothing items.

5. Engineer (25G) — Collect 50 blueprints.

6. T.I.O.D. Disciple (5G) — Create 50 combo weapons.

7. Local Hero (5G) — Save 1 survivor.

Location: At the start of the game when you get the objective “Explore While Rhonda’s Busy”, investigate the Motel and go inside the Aduna Boxing Gym.
After going after the “Investigate the Motel” objective, you’ll come across a horde of zombies, at that point you’ll get the “New Stranded Survivor” side mission to “Clear Zombies Around Bob”. Bob’s the survivor you have to rescue by clearing the zombies around the boxing ring inside the Aduna Boxing Gym.

8. Man of the People (10G) — Save 15 stranded survivors.

9. Help Wanted (10G) — Add 5 survivors to the survivor bulletin board.

10. Driven (5G) — Drive 20 different vehicles.

11. Sideswiped (10G) — Complete 20 side missions.

12. Master Builder (30G) — Collect 100 blueprints.

13. Certified Survivalist (5G) — Win 25 Survival Training Bronze medals.

14. Zombie Killer (5G) — Kill 100 zombies.

Location: This can be done early in the game when your objectives are to “Get in the car” and “Get Everyone to Rhonda’s Garage”.
Once you’re in the car, drive straight ahead into the zombie mass and by the time you’ll reach the end of the road, you’ll have killed 100 zombies easily.

15. Zombie Slayer (15G) — Kill 10,000 zombies.

16. Master of Massacre (20G) — Kill 53,597 zombies.

17. Zombie Butcher (10G) — Kill 1,000 zombies.

18. Morgue-ified (10G) — Complete Chapter 2.

19. Happy Camper (20G) — Complete Chapter 4.

20. Wrathful (25G) — Defeat Zhi.

Location: At the Zen Gardens.

21. Lusty (25G) — Defeat Dylan.

22. Greedy (25G) — Defeat Albert.

23. Slothful (25G) — Defeat Theodore.

24. Prideful (25G) — Defeat Jherii.

25. Gluttonous (25G) — Defeat Darlene.

26. Envious (25G) — Defeat the envious survivor.

27. Apprentice (5G) — Reach level 5.

28. Expert (15G) — Reach level 25.

29. Maxed! (50G) — Reach level 50.

30. Specialist (50G) — Max out a single attribute.

31. Be a Dick! (5G) — Join a Co-op game.

Note: Dick is actually the name of your character in co-op. He also plays a title role in the story campaign.

Here’s a video guide that shows how to enter the Co-op mode from the Main Menu.
Go to Online, Multiplayer, Story Mode, and then select the difficulty level you like to let the game find you a matching Co-op game.

32. Duct Tape Master (20G) — Create every combo weapon.

33. Customizer (5G) — Create 5 combo vehicles.

34. Master Mechanic (10G) — Create every combo vehicle.

35. A Little Ambition (5G) — Purchase 1 Attribute.

After you level up to level 2, pause the game and go to the Player menu, select Attributes and spend your Attribute Points to unlock upgrades for Nick Ramos.

36. Ladder Climber (10G) — Purchase 10 Attributes.

37. Left 100,004 Dead (30G) — Kill 100,004 zombies.

38. Prestigious (10G) — Complete 10 PP Trials.

39. Almost Famous (25G) — Complete 25 PP Trials.

40. Prestige Hound (50G) — Complete all PP Trials.

41. Genius of Zombie Slaying (25G) — Kill 72,000 zombies.

42. Starter (10G) — Complete Chapter 0.

43. Quarantined (10G) — Complete Chapter 1.

44. Family Man (20G) — Complete Chapter 3.

45. Day at the Museum (20G) — Complete Chapter 5.

46. The Doctor is Out (30G) — Complete Chapter 6.

47. Them’s the Facts (30G) — Complete the Facts.

48. Complete the Package (50G) — Complete Overtime.

49. Gang Banger (5G) — Lead a full posse of 5 survivors.

50. Nightmare Master (75G) — Complete chapter 7 in Nightmare Mode.

51. Survival Training Silver (10G) — Win 25 Survival Training Silver medals.

52. Survival Training Master (20G) — Win 25 Survival Training Gold medals.

Special thanks to Capcom & UKxJOK3Rx for the list, tips & guide videos.

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