Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough

Chapter 6: The Agent

Objective: Escape imprisonment.
– Follow the hacker’s instructions and use stealth to avoid any guards you come across along the way.
– Follow Echo’s instructions.

Chapter 7: The Handler

Objective: Enter the decompression ring.
– Find Massar in the lab.
– Escape the labs to the Spire.
– Rendezvous with the extraction team.
– Infiltrate the Spire and extract Massar and the weapon.

Chapter 8: The Dead

Objective: Enter Helghan atmosphere.
– Follow the dropship to its crash site.

Chapter 9: The Destroyer

Kellan and Echo have gone rogue and searchfor the weapon which could lead both their races to an all-out war.

Objective: Kellan and Echo continue to track Tyran.
– Track Tyran through the ruins of Helghan in an attempt to locate the weapon.

Chapter 10: The Savior & Ending

Objective: Get to Templar’s Point.

The End?

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