Call of Duty Ghosts: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

8 November 2013
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Call of Duty Ghosts: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

Welcome to the “Call of Duty Ghosts: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer” guide. On this page we’ll show you the ropes in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer.

Let’s start with the basics and find out about the tips and tricks that can make you a pro at Call of Duty Ghosts.

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Index of Call of Duty Ghosts Guides:

Call of Duty Ghosts: Tips and Tricks for Multiplayer

Multiplayer Part 1: How to Lean and Slide

Tmar will be your voice-over guide, teaching you with handy tips how to lean and slide in Call of Duty Ghosts. ๐Ÿ™‚

Multiplayer Part 2: What Are The Best Perks

The next guide explains why Wiretap is the best perk available when you first start playing. Wiretap lets you use all active enemy and friendly SAT COMs on the field.

Up next, we find out what the best perk is once you’re further into multiplayer. It’s the Ping perk, one of the best perks alongside Stalker & Quickdraw.

Multiplayer Part 3: How Field Orders Work

Find out how Field Orders work. They are the blue briefcases you can find around the map (starting where someone was first killed) that give you a challenge to complete in exchange for these rewards: 200 Experience Points (XP), a care package with a random scorestreak, and 1 Squad Point.

And remember, if you get a Humilation Field Order, it means to teabag your next kill! ๐Ÿ˜†

Multiplayer Part 4: Best Weapon Classes

Here’s a Top 6 Class Setup guide for all the best weapons and gun attachments in multiplayer.

What’s the best Primary Weapon in Multiplayer? Check out this MSBS Assault Rifle Setup:

What’s the best Secondary Weapon in Multiplayer? Check out this P226 Pistol Handgun Setup:

Multiplayer Part 5: How To Stay Alive Longer

Go around every corner aiming down the weapon sight to stay alive longer than you would expect.

Multiplayer Part 6: How To Get A Free Care Package

Here’s how to get a free Care Package on the Octane multiplayer map. In the middle of the map there’s an overturned contained that any explosion (like C4 or a grenade) will blow the doors off of to reveal a Care Package inside!

Multiplayer Part 7: More Multiplayer Gameplay Tips

This (for now) last video guide gives some more gameplay tips and talks about the differences between prior Call of Duty games and the new Ghosts.

Thanks to Tmar for the tips and tricks.

Leave a comment if you want some more multiplayer tips and tricks.


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