Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Unlock Patches

8 November 2013
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Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Unlock Patches

Welcome to the “Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Unlock Patches” guide. On this page we’ll show you how to unlock patches in Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer.

Since the game manual is no help in figuring this out, here we’ll help you understand the new Patch / Operations system and explain how to unlock new patches.

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Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Unlock Patches

Here we’ll go over how you can unlock patches in multiplayer.

Take these steps to successfully unlock all patches:

Step #1: It turns out the only patches / challenges you can work on are those listed in the Operations menu. So at any given time you only have the choice to go and unlock patches given by completing those from the listed 10 random challenges in each of the 5 categories shown in the Operations menu. New challenges arrive every two weeks, which is why you see the countdown timer in the bottom-right corner of that menu, that’s how much time you have left to complete your current challenges. Additionally, you can get 50 new random challenges at any time, but we’ll keep that for Step 3.

Step #2: Now complete the challenge of the patch you want to unlock. Once done, the unlocked patches will stay yours forever, since the game saves your unlocking progress once a challenge gets completed.

Step #3: Next, be sure to set up to 5 challenges for patches you want are set on the front page To do this go to the un-completed challenges in the Operations menu and hit the button/key to make it active (X on Xbox / Square on PlayStation). — This way your progress there won’t get lost when you reset the Operations challenges by spending 1 Squad Point to get 50 new challenges to choose from! The reasoning behind buying new challenges over and over is to get the challenges that allow you to unlock the patches you want, since not all are available at the same time.

This tutorial video shows how to unlock patches in Call of Duty Ghosts:

Thanks to Swaggers for the tips.


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