Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Earn Squad Points Fast

7 November 2013
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Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Earn Squad Points Fast

Welcome to the “Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Earn Squad Points Fast” guide. As you know, Squad Points is a point system that appears in Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer.

Let’s take a look below at how you can get easy Squad Points faster…

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Call of Duty Ghosts: How To Earn Squad Points Fast

Squad Points can be obtained from earning experience points (XP), and can be used to unlock weapons, killstreaks, attachments, and equipment. Squad Points may be used to unlock items in any particular order that you want, for each individual soldier that you create. So let’s find out how to get Squad Points quicker outside of Squad mode.

Squad Points can be earned faster by doing the following tasks:

Completing Field Orders: Pick up the blue briefcases around the map. Complete the challenge inside it to earn 1 Squad Point each time.

Ranking Up: You earn 2 Squad Points per level up; works all the way up to level 60.

Completing Operations: New Perk Operations will be added to multiplayer every two weeks. Pay attention to the operations, because upon completion you’ll not only get a lot of XP, but a ton of Squad Points too.
– Bonus: Complete multiple operations during the two weeks that set of operations are available and the Squad Points will stack as a result, so if you do 5 operations you’ll get 10 extra Squad Points in total. Note that you can spend Squad Points to unlock more operations, which means you can earn more points and stack more bonus points as well to keep on going.

This tutorial video shows how to maximize your Squad Points earning process, and unlock everything you want to unlock much faster.

Thanks to Tmar for the tips.


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