Call of Duty Ghosts Glitches

6 November 2013
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Call of Duty Ghosts Glitches

Here are some of the newly discovered Call of Duty Ghosts glitches.

Note that these can of course get patched by Activision at any time. But you might encounter the here-under listed glitches for yourself in the meantime, since sometimes they reveal out-of-bounds invincibility spots.

Index of Call of Duty Ghosts Guides:

Call of Duty Ghosts Glitches

Multiplayer Map Glitches

Location: In the Multiplayer Mode maps Octane, Prison Break, Whiteout, Tremor, Flooded, Overlord, Chasm, a wallbreach on Stormfront, Siege, Stonehaven, Strikezone, and Warhawk.

Here’s the full glitches & hiding spots video for most of the maps in the game:

Flying Dog Kill Cam Glitch:

Extinction Mode Glitches

Location: In Extinction Mode, after you get past the first hive.

Here’s footage of glitches on 3 different invincibility spots:

Campaign Glitch

Location: During the Campaign Mission “Brave New World”.

Here’s the glitch video that shows how to get on the roof of the old house:

Glitches discovered by: RSP, Deathmule & GamerTutorials.

Have you encountered any Call of Duty Ghosts glitches?


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