Battlefield 4 Walkthrough

Chapter 4: Singapore

The Titan intel confirms that Pacific Central Command is gone, wiped out by a Chinese missile attack. Our next target is to assault the airfield to create a safe passage through the Singapore Strait.

Chapter 5: Kunlun Mountains

Recker must escape captivity at the Kunlun Mountains prison.

Chapter 6: Tashgar

Up next, the chilly “Tashgar” chapter.

Chapter 7: Suez & Endings

This is the final mission in Suez.

The ending you get depends on who you choose to keep alive, Hannah, Irish, or both of them by not choosing between them (literally do nothing in-game). Why none of these geniuses thought to just drop the freaking C4 down onto the boat is beyond me!!

This video shows all three different endings you can get in the Battlefield 4 campaign.

Thanks to EA Games, Ghostrobo, PS4trophies & Hassan for the walkthrough videos.

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