Battlefield 4 Trophies Guide

31 October 2013
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Battlefield 4 Trophies Guide

The Battlefield 4 trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 & PS4 first-person shooter game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 43 Trophies (0 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 & PS4 versions. Earn Bronze (26), Silver (13), Gold (3), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

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    Battlefield 4 Trophies Guide

    1. Platinum Trophy (Platinum) — Collect all other Battlefield 4 Trophies

    2. Storm bringer (Silver) — Obtain 20 000 points in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    Tip: Don’t forget to take a look at the “Test Range” in multiplayer. Why? I DON’T KNOW OK! It just sometimes makes the trophy pop up at random.

    3. A one-man riot (Silver) — Obtain 11 000 points in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    4. Terror of the deep (Silver) — Obtain 11 000 points in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

    5. Gladiator (Silver) — Obtain 12 000 points in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    6. Above and beyond the call (Silver) — Complete all Assignments in the Campaign

    7. Demolition man (Silver) — Obtain 15 000 points in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    8. Guardian of the fleet (Silver) — Obtain 6 000 points in the Suez mission in the Campaign

    9. Full arsenal (Gold) — Unlock all assignments and collectibles in the Campaign

    10. Fish (Bronze) — Complete the Campaign on Easy

    11. Dunn’s pride (Silver) — Obtain 7 000 points in the Baku mission in the Campaign

    12. Braving the storm (Bronze) — Complete the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    13. Wolves in sheep’s clothing (Bronze) — Complete the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    14. The fall of a Titan (Bronze) — Complete the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

    15. Dead by dawn (Bronze) — Complete the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    16. Guns at dawn (Bronze) — Complete the Suez mission in the Campaign

    17. Fishing in Baku (Bronze) — Complete the Baku mission in the Campaign

    18. Antediluvian (Bronze) — Complete the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    19. It was on the way… (Bronze) — Find 6 collectibles in the Campaign

    20. Took a casual look around (Bronze) — Find 9 collectibles in the Campaign

    21. Methodical search (Bronze) — Find 15 collectibles in the Campaign

    22. Done some searching (Bronze) — Find 12 collectibles in the Campaign

    23. No stone left unturned (Bronze) — Find 18 collectibles in the Campaign

    24. Every nook and cranny (Bronze) — Find 21 collectibles in the Campaign

    25. Stumbled over it (Bronze) — Find 3 collectibles in the Campaign

    26. Wolf (Silver) — Complete the Campaign on Normal

    27. Tombstone (Silver) — Complete the Campaign on Hard

    28. Recon (Gold) — Find 28 collectibles in the Campaign

    Tip: There are 35 collectibles in total, find them all using our Battlefield 4 Collectibles page.

    29. Well placed (Bronze) — Get 10 kills with C4 in the Baku mission in the Campaign

    As you progress through Mission 1: Baku, you will come to a small crate marked by a “gear” symbol on your map. Make sure you equip the C4 at this point. In the first section, you can mark the targets, and sneak around to kill all 4 of them with 3 C4 charges, although it’s not completely necessary that you kill all of them. Now, after killing all of them, immediately sprint forward towards the objective where a truck with 3 enemies will stop. As soon as it stops, throw a C4 charge and detonate when they jump out to get another 3-4 kills.

    From here, I suggest you just progress as normal until you reach the next equipment cache later on, where you can refill your C4, and come back to it at any point for extra ammo. What I recommend is first sprinting up the scaffolding on your left hand side after exiting the pipe. There should be 3 enemies on this catwalk that you should be able to kill with 1 C4 charge, and you will unlock the trophy here if you’ve not missed any enemies. Otherwise, sprint towards the middle of the area, and kill some enemies near the truck, and sprint to the very back of this open battlefield to find 6-8 enemies all bunched up together, and you should be able to kill most of them with 1 or 2 C4 charges, unlocking the trophy.

    30. Wrecker (Bronze) — Get 10 multi-kills in the Shanghai mission in the Campaign

    This is attained during Mission 2: Shanghai. You can begin getting this trophy as soon as you exit out of the elevators. I recommend either using a shotgun, or another powerful weapon that you can get quick kills with in short range situations.

    The key to this trophy is to use grenades to kill groups of enemies. Additionally, you can also throw a grenade at 1 enemy and then shoot and kill another enemy as the grenade explodes for it to count as a “multi-kill”. It is also key to use claymores in the lobby area, and also on the helipad, which can easily get multiple kills for you.

    After the helipad, you’ll be running through some alleys as you try to avoid a tank. This is another good area to throw grenades and kill multiple enemies that will be grouped up in small areas. — Also, at the very end of the level, you will have to take care of two tanks, which will always result in multikills for you.

    31. Blood wake (Bronze) — Get 30 headshots in the South China Sea mission in the Campaign

    For this trophy, you’ll need to get 30 headshot kills during Mission 3: South China Sea. There are easily 50 enemies on this level, so you won’t need to get that many headshots. Also, stay away from RB as this will make your teammates engage, and kill enemies.

    It’s recommended using the following weapons, which you should have unlocked by this mission:
    – MK11 Mod 0 (Short/Medium Range)
    – Scout Elite (Long Range)

    If you don’t have these weapons, make sure you use a power single shot weapon. Just make your way through the level, and get as many headshots as you can. Use cover, and take your time making sure to get the kill. You’ll get a headshot confirmation in the points that show up at the bottom of the screen. — If trying to line up really long distance shots, make sure you use the D-pad to compensate from bullet drop. Once you get 30 headshots, the trophy will unlock.

    32. War turtle (Bronze) — Get 15 kills with RPG in the Singapore mission in the Campaign

    This trophy takes place during Mission 4: Singapore. After progressing through the mission, and getting access to a tank, you’ll come to a equipment cache, marked by a gear icon on your map.

    Get out of your tank and make sure to equip the “RPG-7V2”. From this point, you have a lot of different opportunities to get 15 kills. You’ll want to keep your tank with you, so continue through the map inside of it, and get out when you see enemies. Progress into the upcoming section, and make sure to destroy all 4 tanks in this area, which will get you an easy 8 kills for the trophy. You are free to revisit the cache to refill your RPG ammo at any point. There will be more and more tanks after this section, but they will take 4+ RPG shots, which aren’t really worth your ammo. Once you reach the parking garage, try taking care of as many ground units as possible using the RPG. You might get the trophy at this point, but if you don’t, don’t worry, there are plenty of enemies further on. You will eventually come to a large building with 3-4 enemies inside, and then a bridge with an additional 15+ enemies on it. Just make sure you bring full ammo to this section, and you should be able to get a large amount of them.

    If you miss too many shots, feel free to reload the checkpoint. Once you get 15 kills, you’ll unlock the trophy.

    33. Infiltrator (Bronze) — Get 10 adrenaline kills in the Tashgar mission in the Campaign

    You will need to get 10 adrenaline kills during Mission 6: Tashgar. An adrenaline kill happens when you get a kill with less than 31 health, while your screen is bloodshot.

    I recommend doing this a shotgun, and you may also have more luck if you play on an easier difficulty, although the video is on hard. You’ll want to sneak up behind enemies that are alone in a building or behind cover. Let them see you and begin shooting you. Make sure you are close to them and are aiming at them. As soon as you lose enough health, and see that you’re in the red, use your shotgun to kill them immediately. This method also works well with grenades, and even with C4 against tanks.

    There are a decent amount of enemies during this level, so just continue to use this method through the checkpoints until you get the trophy.

    34. Shawshank (Bronze) — Get 5 kills with Shank in the Kunlun Mountains mission in the Campaign

    At the beginning of Mission 5: Kunlun Mountains, you’ll be given a shank and then told to shut off power in a tower. Just draw your shank, and sneak around the the outside of this area, trying to stay out of sight from the enemies. Sneak up to enemies, and press melee to kill them. There are 7 enemies in this first area for you to kill, and you can melee them even if they spot you.

    Additionally, there are more clueless enemies near the end of this level where you can get more shank kills. — After getting 5 kills with the shank, you’ll unlock the trophy.

    35. For tombstone (Bronze) — Let the Valkyrie be destroyed in the Campaign

    Location: You encounter this scenario during the Suez Mission.
    During the Suez Mission… DO NOTHING when the game asks you to choose between Hannah and Irish.
    Like with most of this guide page, it’s recommended you play it on easy so you can move around the Suez level easier.

    36. For the people (Bronze) — Sacrifice Irish to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

    Location: You encounter this scenario during the Suez Mission.
    During the Suez Mission… when the game asks you to choose between Hannah and Irish, go with “Choose Irish” to kill him.

    37. For the cause (Bronze) — Sacrifice Hannah to save the Valkyrie in the Campaign

    Location: You encounter this scenario during the Suez Mission.
    During the Suez Mission… when the game asks you to choose between Hannah and Irish, go with “Choose Hannah” to kill her.

    38. Patience is a virtue (Silver) — Experience all 3 endings in the Campaign

    39. Turn around… (Bronze) — Perform 5 dog tag kills in Multiplayer

    Tip: You can knife someone by pressing the R3 button (press down on the right analog stick) on your PS3 controller, do this dog tag kill on five enemies. — It’s an easy online trophy, because it does not all have to be done in one multiplayer match.

    40. Won them all (Bronze) — Win a round of each game mode

    41. .45 old school (Silver) — Perform 45 kills with the M1911 Handgun in Multiplayer

    42. Bomb squad (Silver) — Deliver 5 bombs in Obliteration

    43. Call me “Sir” (Gold) — Reach rank 25.

    Special thanks to Maka & HappyThumbsGaming for the tips & guide videos.

    Please comment if you have any Battlefield 4 trophy unlock tips of your own. Kudos will be given. – Thanks for visiting!


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