Batman Arkham Origins Trophies Guide

The Batman Arkham Origins trophies guide lists every trophy for this PS3 action-adventure game and tells you how to get and unlock them.

There are 51 Trophies (6 Hidden) that can be earned in the PS3 version. Earn Bronze (39), Silver (9), Gold (2), and Platinum (1) Trophies to increase your Gamer Level.

Index of Batman Arkham Origins Guides:

Batman Arkham Origins Trophies Guide

1. Platinum (Platinum) — Congratulations!

2. Shut Down (Bronze) — Shut down an entire Tower Network

Tip: To find all 7 Tower Networks, check out our Batman Arkham Origins Comms Towers & Network Relays Locations Guide.

3. Counter-intelligence (Bronze) — Decipher one Extortion File

4. Enigma Unravelled (Bronze) — Collect all Enigma items

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5. First Riddler Trophy (Silver) — Collect every collectible

Tip: Aside from all the other locations guide referenced on this page, the other remaining collectible items can be found in the Batman Arkham Origins Cyrus Pinkney Journal Pages Locations Guide.

6. One down, several to go (Bronze) — Complete a Most Wanted entry

7. The Innocent and the Predatory (Silver) — Capture all of Black Mask’s Assassins

8. Shadow Vigilante (Bronze) — Master the Shadow Vigilante Dark Knight track

9. Gotham Protector (Bronze) — Master the Gotham Protector Dark Knight track

10. Worst Nightmare (Bronze) — Master the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track

11. World’s Greatest Detective (Bronze) — Master the World’s Greatest Detective Dark Knight track

12. Legend of the Dark Knight (Silver) — Complete all Dark Knight challenges

13. Crime Scene Investigator (Bronze) — Complete all Casefiles

14. Crime Fighter (Bronze) — Stop 20 Crime in Progress

15. Thanks, old friend (Bronze) — Hear everything Alfred has to say

16. Personal Trainer (Bronze) — Obtain all the medals on Combat Training maps

Timeline in minutes for all Combat Training Medals in the below video guide:

00:05 – Combo Multiplier Expert
00:50 – Counter Expert
01:45 – Beatdown Expert
02:49 – Mixed Weapon Group Expert
03:40 – Martial Artist Expert
04:52 – Armored Enforcer Expert
06:00 – Shock Gloves Expert
07:20 – Venom Expert
08:55 – Stun Baton Expert
09:52 – Large Group Tactics
10:59 – Advanced Weapon Techniques
12:12 – Combo Multiplier Mastery

17. Perfectionist (Silver) — Obtain all the medals on Custom maps in Challenge mode

18. I’ve Got This (Bronze) — Acquire all upgrades

19. Free Flow Fifty (Bronze) — Reach x50 Combo

This can easily be done in the first combat challenge “Intensive Training”. Enemies won’t have armor or shields in this challenge. Play till round 4, so there are enough enemies to build up a x50 combo. There’s a very easy trick to never get hit. Land one standard strike, then jump over an enemy and repeat. None of the enemies will be able to hit you. It takes a little longer than countering and fighting the normal way, but it’s much safer and easier to do. Do not perform any combo attacks or finishers, so the enemies will stay alive longer.
If you have already unlocked the Shock Gloves you should activate them to get a x2 multiplier with each hit.

20. What hit me? (Bronze) — Take down 100 enemies who didn’t know you were there

21. Anyone see that? (Bronze) — Complete a predator encounter without ever being spotted
22. Silent Knight (Bronze) — Complete a predator encounter using only silent takedowns

These two trophies can easily be done together. The earliest chance and one of the best places to get this done, is in the mission where you need to track down Penguin on his ship. It’s one of the first main missions in the game. After your encounter with Tracey (Penguin’s Assistant) and her goons, you will get to the first predator room in the game.
Stay crouched, sneak up to an isolated enemy and press triangle on your PS3 controller for a silent takedown. Do this to all 6 enemies in the room, without being noticed. You will still have plenty of chances after that, so don’t worry if you are already past this point. However, you should definitly do this before finishing the story. After completing a predator room, the enemies won’t respawn.

23. Point to Point (Bronze) — Glide across Bridge without touching ground

To get this trophy you must use the Grapnel Gun and glide across the Gotham Pioneers Bridge. That’s the big bridge connecting the south and north of Gotham City. You can do this at any point of the game while being in free roam (even after finishing the story). No upgrades are required. Start at one end of the bridge and keep shooting your Grapnel Gun at the wires to stay above ground. After shooting the Grapnel Gun, you must also activate the Acclerator by pressing double-X on your PS3 controller to avoid touching the wires. You may not land at any point while crossing the bridge! If you do, you have to restart.

24. Around the World (Bronze) — Use the Batwing to travel to all Fast Travel points

25. Flawless Display (Bronze) — Successfully battle Shiva without taking any damage

Important Note: This Trophy is missable! Miss it and the only way to get it is to restart the Story Mode.
Shiva is one of the Assassin’s on the Most Wanted list. After playing through the story, go to the Gotham Merchants bank in “The Bowery” district. The starting point of Shiva’s quest is not marked on the map. Listen for a crying baby and inspect the abandoned baby buggy in front of the Gotham bank to start this quest. You will now have to complete a series of tests for Shiva. It doesn’t matter if her ninjas or other enemies hit you while doing this. After completing everything, meet up with her in Sheldon Park (marked on your map). You must complete the fight without taking any damage. One good tactic is to jump, hit an enemy once and jump again. When jumping, the enemies won’t have a chance to hit you. In the last phase you should activate your shock gloves to take out the enemies more quickly.
Note: In case you are being hit, pause the game and choose “restart” to try it again.

26. Point Counter-Point (Bronze) — Complete Deathstroke without failing a single counter

Important Note: This Trophy is missable! Miss it and the only way to get it is to restart the Story Mode.
You will fight against Deathstroke during a story mission, relatively early in the game. Everytime he attacks, you must press triangle on your PS3 controller to counter.
Also attack Deathstroke with Batman’s normal strike. Doing so might initiate a QTE where you need to press the counter-button when it’s displayed on the screen. If you press the button too early, or too late, your counter attack will fail and you will get hit.
In case you are being hit, pause the game and choose “restart”. The entire fight will start from the beginning and you can try again.

27. One of Each (Bronze) — Use every Freeflow Focus gadget in one combo

There are 5 different gadgets that you need to use. They are all unlocked automatically while playing through the story. The following gadgets have to be used in one combo, without ever losing the combo multiplier:
1. Batclaw Slam — PS3: L2+Triangle, Square
2. Explosive Gel — PS3: L2+Square
3. Concussion Detonator — PS3: L2+Circle
4. Glue Grenade — PS3: R2, R2
5. Batarang — PS3: L2

28. Air Marathon (Bronze) — Glide 26 miles total

29. Medalist (Silver) — Obtain all medals on the original Ranked Maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)

30. Olympian (Silver) — Obtain all medals on the original Campaign maps in Challenge mode (as Batman)

31. Voice of the People (Bronze) — Scan 20 Anarky Tags

Tip: Find all 24 in our Batman Arkham Origins Anarky Tags Locations Guide.

32. Clean Streets (Silver) — Complete all Most Wanted missions

33. Give Them Something to Believe (Silver) — Complete New Game Plus

34. I Am The Night (Gold) — Finish I Am The Night Mode

35. Predator Paragon (Bronze) — Take down 6 different Elites in a match, using 6 different methods as Batman or Robin in multiplayer

36. Killing Joke (Bronze) — Reach max level with the Joker faction in multiplayer

37. Fallen Knight (Bronze) — Reach max level with the Bane faction in multiplayer

38. Gotham All-Star (Bronze) — Reach max overall level in multiplayer

39. Clutch (Bronze) — Kill a Hero to bring back your entire gang when at 0 reinforcements on a full multiplayer server

40. Tales of Gotham (Bronze) — Win a round of each map with each faction in multiplayer

41. I Like Those Odds (Bronze) — As a Hero, defeat 4 Elites within 40 seconds without using melee in multiplayer

42. Not An Ordinary Criminal (Bronze) — As an Elite, earn 4000 XP in a single multiplayer match

43. Arsenal, Awesome (Bronze) — Fully upgrade a weapon in multiplayer

44. Legend (Bronze) — Earn a level of prestige in multiplayer

45. Know Thy Enemy (Bronze) — Defeat each of the enemy players at least once in a multiplayer match

Hidden Trophies:

46. City of Assassins (Bronze) — Identify Black Mask’s assassins

47. One eye open (Bronze) — Defeat Deathstroke

48. Nobody that matters (Bronze) — Who is the Joker?

49. Everyone wears masks (Bronze) — Find the Black Mask

50. One Rule (Silver) — Save a life

51. Perhaps sooner, Perhaps later (Gold) — Defeat the Joker


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