Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

26 October 2013
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Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Chapter 16: Gotham Royal Hotel

In the sixteenth chapter takes us further into the Gotham Royal Hotel and up to the Penthouse where the Joker and Bane are lying in wait.

Chapter 17: Bane Boss Fight

The Bane boss fight is the main attraction in the seventeenth chapter. Although it’s very interest to find out how the Joker’s & Harley Quinn’s? obsessions began!?

Chapter 18: Locating Bane’s Tracker

In the eighteenth chapter the new objective is to locate the tracker placed on Bane.

Chapter 19: FireFly Boss Fight (Disarm Bombs)

In the nineteenth chapter we find out FireFly is out to burn everyone and everything to the ground, let’s fight the next Assassin and find & disarm the bombs he’s placed around town.

Chapter 20: Back to Blackgate Prison

In the twentieth chapter we return to a Blackgate Prison rocked by the Joker’s riots.

Chapter 21: Bane Final Boss Fight & Ending

In the final chapter Batman must tackle the Bane final boss fight.

Note: If you finish the game again on the New Game Plus difficulty mode, you’ll get an extra after-credits scene with Deathstroke.

The End.

Big thanks to Warner Bros. Games & XCV for the walkthrough videos.

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