Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

26 October 2013
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Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough

Chapter 11: Sionis Steel Mill

The eleventh chapter takes us to Sionis Steel Mill.

Chapter 12: Copperhead Boss Fight

In the twelfth chapter we must take on the next Assassin in a female Copperhead boss fight.

Chapter 13: Deadshot Boss Fight

In the thirteenth chapter it’s time to take down another Assassin at the Gotham Merchants Bank, namely Deadshot in a tough boss fight.

Deadshot Boss Fight Tip: If for some reason Deadshot keeps killing the hostage when he’s down to 20% health, then use a wall explosion technique whereby you blow up the wall he’s walking past while searching for Batman (who’s safely hidden on the stone wall statues). This will help you get the upper hand.

Chapter 14: Tracking Electrocutioner

In the fourteenth chapter we track down the electromagnetic signature to New Gotham. Once again the Electrocutioner provides you with some handy new tech, the Shock Gloves.

Chapter 15: Joker’s Amusement Park

In the fifteenth chapter the Gotham Royal Hotel has been transformed into the Joker’s Amusement Park, a real house of horrors. Young Joker seems even scarier than Old Joker!

Batman Arkham Origins Walkthrough continues on Page 4 with Chapter 16.


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